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  1. ^This I know. I'm impressed with the situation and what he was able to squeeze out of of this. Its an improvement over the last three weeks at QB. I did say I'm trying to take some positive out of this overall big negative.
  2. I never thought I'd EVER say this, but Painter impressed me. The team was competitive and this week the offense for once kept us in the game. Not our defense though...... got some things to correct for sure on defense and producing more on running game. At 0-4 the only thing I can do right now is to take some positive out of this big negative.
  3. Everything is awkward. All of it.
  4. Is the nit picking really necessary? Will the next complaint be that players shouldn't honor breast cancer awareness month because there are other cancers that kill people? Come on man.
  5. Running the ball will be key. People that say oh well the Texans have Wade now and he's a beast. But lets not forget that with this lockout everything has been compressed into a small window. It was already hard enough for teams that have lots of rookies or free agents to learn their playbook let alone changing defensive coordinators and changing the scheme at the same time. Collins,Clark, Addai,Carter, the O line, our defense, and whatever WR that gets open bc of Reggie's probable double team will all be key.
  6. I totally get that I may disagree but I see where you're coming from. My issue was not with what you were saying it was how you were saying it to that person and what you were saying about them just bc they disagreed with you. Other than that we're all good. I'll move on now. Good day to your sir!
  7. Well....... Hank Basket does suck no matter what team he's on. So..........
  8. You're proving my point. As of right now the season hasn't been played yet. And I do acknowledge that this season could very well blow up week 1 and continue to slide down hill. Or it couldn't The difference is: I'm not trying (and failing) to make people feel bad just because they are hopeful and/or view something differently than me. You aren't a psychic, I find it weird that you're basically telling people this will happen no matter what you say but why doesn't that go both ways? I think the point we're trying to make is: Wait until results come before declaring the sky is falling. BUT if you don't want to wait, don't attack others for being optimistic. It seems foolish that you're that determined to be right about us having an awful season. We're all adults here (I would hope) Good luck
  9. Reality is the state of things as they actually exist, rather than as they may appear or might be imagined.Reality includes everything that is and has been. Its safe to say that being optimistic and being "realistic" as you put it are both in fact not reality because its not something that is yet. Being that we haven't played week 1. No one is wrong no one is right , don't try to make someone look foolish because you don't agree. It works against you. Fair enough. I liked what I saw out of Carter though. As for Painter
  10. <<< Calm. No freaking out for me until I see the team play.
  11. No. Blame Peytons nerves, they're the only thing with any control right now. No one else
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