Which "Under the Radar" Player Makes an Impact in 2018?

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Another guy I want to throw in here is John Simon.


Big fan of his, have heard alot of people saying he might not have a place on the roster with the scheme change. I'm backing this guy to prove alot of people wrong and for him to find his place.


For the record, haven't heard anybody he's a bad player, just questioning his place on the team due to fit.

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The guys I think could make a splash on offense are Turbin and Rogers. I wouldn't be surprised if Turbin lead our backs in snaps. He's easily the best in pass pro. We have all heard the Rogers talk at practice If he can get healthy we should see it on Sundays.


On D I'm looking at the free agent LB's we brought in Adams and Goode. Adams has the speed this D needs. I think Farley continues to show well on the back end 

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On 6/13/2018 at 6:06 PM, BeanDiasucci said:

Jordan Wilkins. I think he's getting less buzz than Mack and Hines, but Wilkins - on tape against SEC opponents - looks more like a polished, versatile inside and outside runner to me. 


I definitely want to see what Wilkins brings to the table, when the pads go on.

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