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  1. DaveA1102

    What are you expecting?

    I think if we were at home we would have a legitimate chance but, being on the road and Wentz being back means I think just a bridge too far right now for this growing team. I will say it will be a great opportunity for our rookies to go up against a phenomenal test and see where they are. I predict something like 24-20 Eagles, but another strong performance.
  2. DaveA1102

    Great overall game

    I love the way we are being coached and the obvious bond between team and coaches. The buy in is clear to see. ....and then I see this on Twitter, and I smile.
  3. DaveA1102

    Feel better about our team after TNF.

    Peterman was poor but I don't see Allen doing much based on the lack of weapons and how poor that line is. I can only see him getting hit....a lot. They should have kept McCarron to at least give them the option rather than having no choice than to throw in the rook.
  4. DaveA1102

    Feel better about our team after TNF.

    I also took hope from the result last night, but it would be remiss of me not to point out that it might just be that the Bills are absolutely terrible! We will know more after another tough test against a Washington team that is strong on both sides of the ball.
  5. DaveA1102

    Jack freakin Doyle... SMH

    Yeah, lets bench guys for making mistakes. That poor throw by Luck which cost us in the red zone? Bench That penalty by Quenton Nelson on 3rd play of the game? Bench That missed catch by TY that even he admitted was a momentum killer? Bench That penalty given away by Geathers which kept their drive going? Bench Oh wait, we are running out of our best players. You don't bench your best players when they make a mistake. You give them the chance to redeem themselves and show their team-mates who they are as players and men....but at least you thought about it.
  6. I would plum for Cook if given the choice. Ebron was not on the field that much but when he is he should get decent work, but Raiders have nothing at WR and so Cook could end up being Carr's #1 target.
  7. DaveA1102

    Snap Counts - Week 1

    Looks to me like Ebron will only be brought in when Reich sees a mismatch opportunity. Doyle will be in most of the time due to the fact he can do more in terms of blocking etc. I like this approach as it means Ebron will play less than Doyle but his use when in should be more. I see us using Ebron in the Redzone a fair bit as well.
  8. DaveA1102

    A Big Thank You to so Many here....

    There was a great twitter post I saw (can't find it again to give due credit unfortunately) but I loved what it said: The Colts looked competent with a lacking roster. The Lions looked lacking with a competent roster. That's what coaching does. I may have paraphrased but the sentiment is so true. We looked like a football team yesterday. Yes, there were mistakes and penalties and growing pains, but you can see the foundation is there for a young, hungry team to progress this year and over the coming years. The future is bright.
  9. I did indeed mate. 20 points and off to a great start.
  10. DaveA1102

    Expect massive in-game coaching change

    Yup, there are plenty of examples of why some don't rate Pagano as a coach, many points with validity. My point was that a player making a bonehead play (when the play was not designed for that to happen) is not on Pagano.
  11. DaveA1102

    Expect massive in-game coaching change

    I am not a huge Pagano fan, but one play doesn't define what kind of coach he was. There is no doubt the play was not a great moment, but it was obviously supposed to go differently. It didn't work and so they should have taken delay of game penalty and punted, but Griff Whalen decided to snap the ball to the utter dismay of everyone, including Pagano.
  12. DaveA1102

    2nd Day of Waivers Prospects

    Gotta get myself some of that 10% return!
  13. Question for the forum re my starting lineup week 1. I have Luck and Ebron in my starters as I think that will bear fruit as the year progresses. I also picked up Wilkins this week with it looking more than likely we have no Mack or Turbin for at least the first couple of weeks and so Wilkins should be RB1 for us. Is it foolish to play all 3 at the same time? My RB1 is D Johnson, and I also have Ajayi, Breida and Nich Chubb. Ajayi only just coming back from a minor injury and wont be a true RB1. FYI for flex my WR crew is Adams, Cooks and Landry in the flex.
  14. DaveA1102

    The Path to 53 (Colts Roster Cuts Thread)

    This just makes no sense. Surely the ethos of building a locker room with guys who graft and give everything means Simon is a shoe in. Save $3.3m but we all know we don't need it.