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  1. I still think that he would. He has been a (minimum) top 3 receiver most years he has been in the League and has been arguably the best WR of the last decade. I think the days of the Hall Voters shying away from letting people in because of personality issues are lessened after TO finally got in following backlash, and he was a much more divisive character than Brown.
  2. I think a lot of fans on here are knowledgeable enough to know what the pre-season really is. Its testing out guys who are on the roster bubble and, even when the 1st team is out there, the plays are as vanilla as they come and so no real insight. Pre season is basically roster evaluation and fitness work.
  3. A great article, thanks for sharing. So many interesting portions, although this one stood out for me as a summary of who Ballard and the Colts are, and why we are on such an exciting trajectory: There is nothing that can replicate the euphoric feeling after a big win. I tell everyone that it is hard to beat the first 20 minutes after a big win. I say 20 minutes because shortly after any game, our minds quickly flip to the upcoming week and the next opponent. I wish I could sit here and write that the strong emotions from a loss only lasted 20 minutes, but that would be a lie. After a loss, I usually can’t sleep trying to figure out what I did wrong and how we are going to get it fixed.
  4. How many forums (football or otherwise) would have a thread like this?! Great work guys.
  5. Case in point: the 2018 Jacksonville Jaguars. I know exactly what you mean. There is always a "media darling" that falls flat. I don't believe it will be us, but its just that uneasy feeling creeping in...
  6. Anyone else getting a sinking feeling from all the hype we are getting? Maybe just my pessimistic Scottish nature but I saw someone on Twitter saying our FLOOR was 10-6. Don't get me wrong, I love where this team is going.....but I liked our old status as underdog with something to prove.
  7. ....and for the most part we never find out the truth one way or another.
  8. Further tweet with details of rest of the series, looks to be a good one:
  9. I absolutely loved these episodes last year and, as someone who enjoys seeing more of the detail within the playbook, I can't wait to see the full episode with our own #12!
  10. I am still thrown by the fact the OP stated that they can hear thoughts!
  11. I love that Ballard does this, gives a real perspective on what the scouts were thinking on each drafted prospect: https://eu.indystar.com/story/sports/nfl/colts/2019/05/14/inside-indianapolis-colts-draft-room-gm-chris-ballard/1164796001/ Little nuggets like this on Campbell: While Campbell flaunted his talents at rookie minicamp last week – that speed, those hands, one smooth, effortless route after another – the biggest hurdle he’ll have to clear in the pros, Ballard said, is learning to play on the outside. Campbell played almost exclusively in the slot as a Buckeye. Reich and offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni will certainly use him there, but the scheme, heavy on multiple formations, will require him to work near the sideline as well. “The question with Parris: How long will it take him to really learn how to play outside?” Ballard said. “He just hasn’t done it. That’s gotta be an adjustment. How long did it take Reggie Wayne? And I’m not calling him Reggie Wayne, but Year 3? Maybe it happens Day 1, maybe it’s Year 3, you don’t know.”
  12. Frank Reich and Andrew Luck lock eyes from across the field on Day 1 of OTA's when they see the amount of talent they have at their disposal this year:
  13. @Irish YJ has done a nice job of looking at last year's predictions and eventual outcomes above.
  14. I am sure Ballard had a quote early in his tenure along the lines of "You know you are doing something right when your cuts end up on another team's 53", and I can see that happening with a good few of our guys this year. Exciting times.
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