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  1. DaveA1102

    Colts #4 in PFF O-Line Rankings

    I cant say I have watched a lot of the Titans, but I wonder how many of the sacks would be attributable to Mariota himself. PFF always states it attributes sacks to players individually so there may be sacks for the line but Mariota may be a significant factor also. You can certainly have a strong argument that Conklin and Lewan are one of the best Tackle combinations in the whole league.
  2. DaveA1102

    Colts #4 in PFF O-Line Rankings

    Yeah I remember he was in the concussion protocol for quite a while last year, who knows if that had any impact. I think a big difference this year is also the rapport he seems to have with Luck. Two very intelligent football players playing at the height of their powers and on the same page.
  3. Amazingly, I would say the least likely on that list would be Hilton. I don't think it is all down to him though. The scheme change to being a more quick-release offense for Luck has meant the deep throws he is known for bringing in are rarer in opportunity as well as a lack of real threat at #2 & #3 WR means he is always the focus for the defense.
  4. Did anyone think this was possible coming into this year?! I know Big Q was going to be a huge addition but Kelly had not looked great towards the end of last year (now looks like an All-Pro) and we still had no real idea what the plan was for the right side of the line with Smith still being raw, Slauson being a bit of an unknown and RT being anyone's bet. I still believe the success in keeping Luck clean has been as much about the scheme as the O-line, but both have seen a huge change in the team's outlook. Interestingly, 3rd vs 4th this weekend.
  5. DaveA1102

    247 Sports just moved Colts

    I would like the Colts to stay in Indy but for the Jags to move over. They seem to be the most obvious choice and means we get one Colts game a year to head down for!
  6. DaveA1102

    The Marcus Hunt Factor Has Disappeared

  7. DaveA1102

    Kenny Moore II

    Moore has played the way I hoped Wilson would this year. Wilson continues to flatter to deceive.
  8. DaveA1102

    Lewis Activated

  9. Bleacher Report had an interesting article on the worst contracts on each team, worth a read and link below: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2804231-the-worst-contract-on-every-nfl-roster?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=programming-league#slide14 Their selection for us was Denico Autry: Contract: 3 years, $17.8 million through 2020 The Indianapolis Colts don't have any horrendous contracts on their books, but the front-loaded deal for defensive tackle Denico Autry is a bit excessive. He has a $7 million cap hit this season. Even though Autry's salary drops to $5 million next year without dead money owed, he's clearly underperforming at his current rate. The 28-year-old missed four games with ankle and hamstring injuries, limiting his production to two sacks and 10 solo tackles. Autry has the team's fifth-highest cap hit, but he plays a non-premium position on the defensive line and doesn't have a track record as a primary starter over the last four years. The 6'5", 270-pounder occasionally flashes as a pass-rusher in the trenches, but he isn't worth an average of nearly $6 million given his current usage. If he is the worst contract we have then we have done well! He may have missed some games through injury but, for me, he has been excellent when he has played and his name seemed to be called almost as regularly as Leonard. Front loading the contract seems smart to me also based on how much space we had. The way Ballard has structured the contracts and the roster means I can't really think of any other options for this "award"? Interestingly, Donte Moncrief was the choice for the Jaguars and Dwayne Allen was the choice for the Patriots. Two players I wonder if the old regime would have paid.
  10. DaveA1102

    NFL.com Top 10 2018 Rookie Classes

    The way this is formatted made me read it like it was some kind of limerick.
  11. DaveA1102

    NFL.com Top 10 2018 Rookie Classes

    Not to mention Tyquan Lewis coming into the fray soon.
  12. Chris Wesseling takes a deep dive into the current rookie class and ranks which team's have done best with their 2018 haul. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000985589/article/top-10-2018-rookie-classes-browns-newbies-impress The Colts come in at #2 behind the Browns (Wesseling noted on the Around the NFL Podcast that the fact that the Browns have addressed the most important position in the game with a strong recruit was a significant factor). I really enjoy Wesseling's analysis in general and his Colts comments are pasted below for those who just want a quick dive into our notes: 2) Indianapolis Colts The Colts are the only team with two Rookies of the Month. Second-round linebacker Darius Leonard earned defensive honors in September, while first-round guard Quenton Nelson took home the offensive award in October. Leonard has been perhaps the most impactful rookie in the league, leading the NFL in tackles while adding four sacks, three forced fumbles and a pair of fumble recoveries. After a spotty transition in the first few weeks, Nelson has settled in as the anchor for an improving offensive line that has kept Andrew Luck sack-free for three consecutive games. That streak has coincided with the promotion of second-round pick Braden Smith to the starting job at right tackle. Rookie Jordan Wilkins has lost his starting backfield job to Marlon Mack, but fourth-round pick Nyheim Hines remains Luck's sidecar in obvious passing situations. Hines is second only to Eric Ebron in receptions, averaging 53 yards from scrimmage per week. Second-round edge rusher Kemoko Turay leads Matt Eberflus' defense with eight QB hits.
  13. DaveA1102

    My First Year of Fantasy

    Apologies @Narcosys only just saw this message. Per the advice from @Btown_Colt and @Lucky Colts Fan I have tried to utilise the waiver wire as much as possible and so my team looks pretty strong right now: QB Luck RB Johnson, Conner, Cohen, Breida, Smallwood, Hines WR Adams, Cooks, Landry, TE Kittle, Doyle DEF Eagles K Zuerlein My record is average (3-4-2) but have had some bad matchups, as in, where I have scored well the other team has scored really well. So, out of my 12 team league I am the 2nd highest scoring team, but am far and away the team with the most points scored against me. I have been pretty happy with my first year so far and there is still a chance I make the playoffs but need to make a good run at it and I have a chance as most of my starters have now had their bye.
  14. DaveA1102

    The Dreaded Drops!!!

    It wasn't a major issue over all 6 of those games. ESPN stats had the Colts lead the league in drops after 6 weeks with 15, 13 of which came over 3 games (Weeks 4-6). The fact that it was such a ridiculous number and it applied to seemingly all of our skill players and not just one or two guys always dropping meant that, statistically speaking, it would always regress to the mean. The players we had didn't all suddenly become "droppers", it was clearly a mental thing for these players and, as has happened, once the catches started happening, the normal process would return. Even Frank Reich said there is nothing that can be specifically done to sort this, just time on the jugs machine and confidence can fix it.
  15. DaveA1102

    Interesting career earnings...

    I remember when he was made the highest paid player in NFL history. Looking back, great foresight/luck to get him before the big contracts start rolling out.