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  1. DaveA1102

    Jihad Ward Video

    I like to think that wall is actually solid concrete, but he has really been hitting the gym hard this off season!
  2. It was a slightly tongue in cheek response on my part, but how many would Geathers really be expected to have? 2? 5? 10? I just don't think that will really come into it in terms of what we want from Geathers in the next year or so, and so was an odd thing to hit him with.
  3. Why are you rating Clayton Geather's career based on INT's? That is not, and has never been, his game. Let's cut Ryan Kelly.....3 years in the league and not a single catch!
  4. Yeah Farley is back and Ballard has said numerous times how much he values Farley. He is a big community guy as well which is important in this current locker room.
  5. DaveA1102

    Big Q coming out of his shell...

    This is what I was wondering too. Would have pictured him away with McGlinchey or maybe some Colts O-line guys, but Lewan is an odd one.
  6. DaveA1102

    Colts Roster fun facts and potential breakout candidates

    My breakout candidate is Kemoko Turay. From what Ballard said after the season, they loved what he was doing but he was struggling with the workload, which limited his snaps. Hopefully a full off-season working with trainers can remedy that. PFF saw it as a good rookie year for him, specifically in terms of how quick he was getting to the QB when he did. Just had a quick Google and found the below quote from PFF article: Of his 33 total pressures this season, 20 have come within 3.0 seconds of the snap, which amounts to a 60.6 quick pressure rate that ranks tied for fourth among the 42 NFL edge defenders with 25-plus pressures through Week 12. For perspective, only Michael Bennett (69.8), Jadeveon Clowney (63.6) and Dee Ford (61.0) rank ahead of Turay in quick pressure rate. Hopefully Tyquan Lewis also gets a full head of steam and we are able to kick him inside rather than having to use him on the outside as much as last year, and then both these guys are wreaking havoc.
  7. DaveA1102

    Jalen Collins

    "This guy"!? You can't call Ron Weasley "this guy"!!! Little Ginger Legend!
  8. DaveA1102

    Would you rather?

    In that purely hypothetical scenario.....you always take the ring.
  9. I love the fact that $13m is continually mentioned, mostly because, if we do end up paying £13m it will prove @threeflight wrong as he will have met all of his incentives (ie had a great season)!
  10. DaveA1102

    2019 Browns

    This is pretty scary:
  11. DaveA1102

    Jax lets Blake Bortles go

    I am just worried who is going to tell this guy: #JasonMendozaLoyal
  12. DaveA1102

    Would you rather?

    "Go all in and be super aggressive and be basically guaranteed a sb win."
  13. DaveA1102

    Hypothetical Mega Trade