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  1. The more I look into this the more it makes sense. No matter where he would play, excluding FS, I think he would be the best player in that position. I would have no issues giving up one of our extra 2nd rounders, and maybe someone who is lost in our depth chart if required, like Chester Rogers since they got rid of Stills (poor Chester). With the trust I have in the coaches and the way Reich focuses on them being "teachers" I think we could make him an elite player and it would cost us $6m over 3 years!!! A backfield of Moore, Desir, Wilson, Hooker, Minkah, Rock.......that is a quality backfield with more youth and athleticism than any other in the league that I can think of. However, there have been so many players that I wanted CB to go after and he doesn't seem to rate my opinion that highly on these matters! Lol
  2. At least other teams try and hide it when they tank! Imagine being a Dolphins season ticket holder this year!
  3. Someone is a bit salty today. I more meant how much he is likely to want when he reaches the end of his rookie contract but that is not a huge factor. The asking price is also just "reported" and I don't think anyone "reported" Tunsil's eventual value. Have a nice day now.
  4. ....for a conditional 6th round pick in the 2038 draft.
  5. Would depend on the cost and his contract situation but any situation where you can get a stud, at any position, should be looked at. However, if they got 2 1st's and a 2nd for Tunsil, I shudder to think what they believe Minkah is worth!
  6. Baldy loves him so much he gets 2 breakdowns!
  7. Saw some decent pressure yesterday but my main question is what Reich's thoughts were on Lewis being a healthy scratch. Might be an overly simple conclusion, but I thought he could have made a difference on stopping the run for us while still getting interior pass rush.
  8. In the cold light of day on Monday morning, there are certainly positives to take. The main one being that, if we have just eliminated 2 or 3 small individual errors yesterday we would have beaten a very good Chargers team on the road. Take it as a learning opportunity and move onto next week with confidence in our QB and belief the will be back to his usual self after an off day.
  9. I think there was a lot of love for guge last year in the building and the improvement was there to see. Reich obviously just had Strausser in mind as "his guy" and seems (at least from the outside) to be perceived as more of a teacher for these guys, which is a key philosophy of Reich. Guge just potentially wasn't the right fit but left on good terms I believe. To be honest I don't think a 77 year old deciding to take a step back is much of a concern, all the best to him and I am sure he left his mark on the guys.
  10. Seems like a non-issue. We brought in Strausser as our choice and it seemed like there was a link from him to Mudd as some kind of mentor which meant Mudd came back with things lining up with the colts too. it's still Strausser's unit and I am sure Mudd had a positive impact over the pre season but can't imagine it will have a big impact with him leaving.
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