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  1. I have to admit, I almost bought into the rumours of Luck coming out of retirement this year (blame that Twitter rumour mill!) but the idea he would come out of retirement to go to another team, let alone a team with the prospects of the Bears is absolutely laughable. That is BEFORE you factor in the trade value the Colts would need to receive to give up the rights.
  2. I attended the Colts game in London a few years back and afterwards was in a pub near the stadium with my friend. The place was busy so we were at a small table and a guy was standing beside us on his own wearing #53 having a drink. I have to admit I was unsure who wore that number and so just asked him. It turned out he was Edwin Jackson's brother, Adam. This was the year before "Pound Cake" started getting more snaps on defence and so I didn't know him overly well to be honest. We ended up talking and drinking with him (Adam) most of the night and helped him get the right subway back to where his hotel was (we had all had quite a few drinks at this point)! He was a genuinely nice guy and you could see him light up when talking about his brother and how proud he was of him. This story obviously has a horrible ending after Edwin was killed by a drunk driver, and I remember the next time I saw him was standing with his family in the days after Edwin died. It must have been such a horrible time for them all. Apologies it is not a happy story, but it sticks with me in terms of the way Adam spoke about his brother and it always makes me think about valuing what we have in the moment.
  3. What a trade. It is still ridiculous that he didn't make the Pro Bowl.
  4. Yeah, Stephen Holder posted similar for confirmation: Makes sense from Autry's point of view. The downside to Ballard letting Autry, TY, etc test the market is whether the Colts offer would have been enough to keep him if it was offered this before FA, but I guess we will never know. From my perspective, he is a good player who has played well in his time here for relatively little money. He moves on for a bigger pay day and I trust Ballard to find similar production elsewhere while hoping to see the youngsters drafted in recent years come through and produce. They have not done to this point and so this could be make or break for a number of them.
  5. My expectations were low, and yet I still feel disappointed! Seriously though, a couple of players went on deals I wouldn't have hated for us but, otherwise, we know day 1 is not Ballard territory. Trust the process.
  6. There was a great tweet (I forget who it was) that said Jameis is going from 30/30 to 20/20!
  7. I am Scottish mate, it is just my nature!
  8. I hate to be a buzzkill, but Leonard was not snubbed for DPOY. He said himself that he had a poor start to the season (by his, admittedly, high standards) and then he missed a few games. He ended the year in DPOY form, no doubt about it, but he was not in the conversation for the award, based on the overall year, in my opinion. Nick Bosa would have been my choice, but Gilmore is not a terrible choice.
  9. Leonard himself admitted he had a slow start to the year, even relatively poor by his admittedly high standards. Just off the top of my head I am sure he was out with an injury and then came back and played like, well, a maniac from that point on. Would be interesting to see his ranking from that point. The bolded part above stood out for me here...
  10. To be fair, I can understand that. To lose two games is a bit of a kick in the teeth for them and it certainly looks (from a neutral perspective) that this is the first steps in an attempt to move. However, as I (and other UK fans have stated) I do not think this is the way to go.
  11. Who said the Colts will lose a home game? As the comment you quoted says, the Jags are playing two home games in London and of those 2 games we know it will be from one of 5 opponents, one of which is the Colts. As of this year, there have 28 games played in London and every single one has been sold out. How many NFL teams have sold out their last 28 games, bearing in mind Wembley stadium seats around 84,000? To describe this as some kind of nuisance downplays the level interest and money generated by those teams who see it as an opportunity. Plenty NFL fans in Europe, like myself, stream it, subscribe to Gamepass, buy a ton of merchandise and the appetite is here, so the league see the opportunity to grow the game via this.
  12. All for opinions, but this is incorrect. The level of backup QB's in the league is pretty rotten (Bortles, Geno Smith, Glennon, Siemian all from 2019) and there is enough evidence to show that having a capable backup for 2/3 games can be invaluable for a team with playoff aspirations. Brissett showed enough in the first half of the year to show he can play well, but the second half of the year showed he does not seem able to do it consistently at a starter level. I agree we need to move on but to say he is "useless even as a backup QB" is just not true when you look at context of his peers.
  13. I am not sure how hard you tried there my friend! Jacoby Brissett will remain in this league for a long time as, although he has his flaws, a good backup quarterback is an extremely valuable asset. Based on this season, I think it is fair to say he is not the future as our starter but he would easily be one of the best backups in the league on any team, and so he will make a small fortune off the abilities he has, which includes his stellar reputation in the locker room.
  14. I would say you could put the same tagline against all of them: "Promising start, but jury is still out". I think they all had flashes of what they could be, but didn't see it consistently from any of them. As with all rookies, the 2nd year will be big for them, but especially Parris after a hellish year full of injuries. Certainly no write-offs as of yet.
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