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  1. I have to admit, I almost bought into the rumours of Luck coming out of retirement this year (blame that Twitter rumour mill!) but the idea he would come out of retirement to go to another team, let alone a team with the prospects of the Bears is absolutely laughable. That is BEFORE you factor in the trade value the Colts would need to receive to give up the rights.
  2. I attended the Colts game in London a few years back and afterwards was in a pub near the stadium with my friend. The place was busy so we were at a small table and a guy was standing beside us on his own wearing #53 having a drink. I have to admit I was unsure who wore that number and so just asked him. It turned out he was Edwin Jackson's brother, Adam. This was the year before "Pound Cake" started getting more snaps on defence and so I didn't know him overly well to be honest. We ended up talking and drinking with him (Adam) most of the night and helped him get th
  3. What a trade. It is still ridiculous that he didn't make the Pro Bowl.
  4. Yeah, Stephen Holder posted similar for confirmation: Makes sense from Autry's point of view. The downside to Ballard letting Autry, TY, etc test the market is whether the Colts offer would have been enough to keep him if it was offered this before FA, but I guess we will never know. From my perspective, he is a good player who has played well in his time here for relatively little money. He moves on for a bigger pay day and I trust Ballard to find similar production elsewhere while hoping to see the youngsters drafted in recent years come through and prod
  5. My expectations were low, and yet I still feel disappointed! Seriously though, a couple of players went on deals I wouldn't have hated for us but, otherwise, we know day 1 is not Ballard territory. Trust the process.
  6. A perfect set up for him this week, closed roof, a lot of very makeable kicks with not a huge amount of pressure on him based on the score. Obviously still has to make them all and I believe they were mostly dead centre and so should really help settle any rookie nerves. He will have had a skip in his step on his way home to play with his lego last night.
  7. I think the logic is that allowing such a small amount of people in tests the ability to manage and then you can scale up from there. Agreed it is a risk but it is probably step 1 to getting back to having a decent number of people in stadiums. Also, in theory, even with one person being positive, the attendees should be distanced enough that it will not be passed to many (if any) others. It is a fair question that you ask though.
  8. Didn't Aaron Rodgers have one of the worst training camps in history in his rookie year?
  9. Yeah I potentially could have worded better, but struggled to fit my sentiment in there without making it an opening paragraph! As @shasta519 states, it comes down to whether the improvements of the roster match up against having one of the best QBs in the league and the same roster just earlier in development. It was also partly another letter of love to Mr Ballard to mention how impressive a feat that is.
  10. Sad, but entirely probable. Only one Superbowl from it too.
  11. I doubt we get better at the QB position for a number of years but I think Rivers seemed like the best fit for what the 2020 Colts will be and Reich and Sirianni seemed all in on Rivers from the moment the season ended last year, so I will trust their judgement that Rivers can still do it when he has a good line in front of him.
  12. Seeing a lot of twitter posts about the fact that Luck retired one year ago today. Is it just me or does it feel like that was 5 years ago!?! Anyway, not wanting to revisit any of the old Luck retirement "takes" on here but I wanted to mention that, in my opinion, even without Luck I think we are in a better position today than we were at this point last year. A solid, if uninspiring, outing last year for the team was understandable with the bombshell aftershocks still reverberating throughout LOS and now add in Rivers (TBC on impact), Buckner (stud), two electric off
  13. "Nobody does more in this business right now". High praise, but well deserved. I can't wait to see how he links up at the line with DeForest Buckner making spaces for him to hit!
  14. "Leonard ranked just behind the Seattle Seahawks Bobby Wagner, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Lavonte David, and Minnesota Vikings Eric Kendricks respectively." Rather decent company.
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