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    1. Take the time to see if Peyton is really going to be healthy. 2. Take a look at and interview the other QB's in the draft. Decisions don't need to be made until after the combine. 3. If Peyton is healthy, and we don't see much drop off from Luck to the other QB's trade down. 4. Ideally trade down with Washington, get some extra picks and grab RG3 in Washington's spot. 5. Re-sign Robert Mathis, Re-sign Reggie Wayne. 6. Draft Secondary and O-line help. 7. Probably time to let Joseph Addai go. Donald Brown looks like he finally gets it. 8. If Luck really is a once in a generation QB, then draft him. Worse things could happen than having 2 greats on the same team. (We don't want to be one of those teams who's constantly looking for the next franchise QB.)
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