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Jalen Hurts signs contract extension (Merge)


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From the Athletic:


"The Eagles and Jalen Hurts have agreed to a five-year deal worth $255 million, per reports, making the quarterback the highest-paid player in NFL history. Here’s what you need to know:


The contract includes $179 million guaranteed, according to reports. The Eagles announced the contract but did not disclose financial details.




SMH. No wonder Lamar Jackson is asking for what he is.

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  • NFLfan changed the title to Jalen Hurts signs contract extension (Merge)

Good for Hurts!! Good for other NFC teams that the Eagles won't be able to keep adding FAs to assemble an All Star team after this contract, lol :) 


Lamar's case for $200 million guaranteed got that much weaker, IMO. Lamar has not even been to a single AFCCG, let alone a SB. Burrow has been to 2 AFCCGs and 1 SB, he is going to get $190 mil. guaranteed, I bet in a similar contract like Hurts.

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Imo Burrow is the only one that will be worth the money of this group that is getting paid. 

Paying all these good QBs elite money is bound to start costing teams.  This shows the value of a QB on a rookie deal. I don’t think I would have paid this amount. It’s just so much of a burden on the cap if the QB isn’t top 5 in the league. 

But I’ve been wrong before. Either way I’m happy how it’s turned out for Jalen. He’s came a long way since being benched for Tua in the title game. He definitely has some of the elite qualities that can’t be taught. 


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Good for him, good for the Eagles. That's a lot of money for a QB with basically one good year, but that's the market.


Herbert and Burrow up next, not sure what the Chargers and Bengals are thinking, but it seems like the work is already done for them. 

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Congratulations to both Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles!!


Maybe Lamar Jackson "wakes up" and signs the deal - that has been on the table - instead of pretending that some NFL team is going to offer up TWO #1 draft picks - AND - cave in to his "fully guaranteed" contract demands - before the draft.


The Ravens are doing their "due diligence" by bringing in QB draft hopefuls for a "looksee" prior to the draft.

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