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2022 Week 15 Around-the-NFL Game Discussions Thread


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The football week started with the San Francisco 49ers beating the Seattle Seahawks, 21-13. The 49ers look great even with their 3rd-string QB starting behind center. He is Purdy haha


NFL games are scheduled for today, tomorrow and Monday.  Besides the Colts game, which games are you watching? What are you seeing?


For the Colts @ Vikings game, post your comments in the game thread at



Enjoy your weekend!


(I'm not sure who posted that picture of the woman with the ❤️. It was not me.)

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3 hours ago, EastStreet said:



Bears (unless we want to trade with them lol)





and Rams....


Not sure if we should cheer for Denver or Cards lol. 

I am torn on the denver game. On one hand we would go around cardinals. Then on the other hand we would be close to going around Denver.  Maybe a brincos win with a saints and rams win  Then we move up two spots and hope denver and cards win another 

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Analysts were saying don't start Dolphins players in your fantasy lineup this week. I guess they don't know much since the Dolphins played well. 


It was good to see Nyheim Hines scoring a touchdown for Buffalo. He didn't play much, but I'm glad he got his moment and helped the offense. 

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3 and out for the Jets. They actually lose yards.  Now the Lions get the punt return for a TD. It was returned only about 45 yards because the Jets were punting from the back of their own end zone. That's why I like going for it on 4th down and goal when my team is on the 1 or 2 yard line .


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    • IMO, yes, it could use an upgrade, I don't see an elite LB on our squad but given the pass happy nature of the league, our LBs are built for where the league is heading to be good enough, like you said. If a team goes jumbo, 3 TEs with 5 OL or 2 TEs with 6 OL and tries to run it down our throat, we don't have a thumper of a LB or DT depth to disrupt that kind of game plan, unless we get ahead and play ahead on offense, which has not been the case since the Andrew Luck days for most of the time. But if they go 4 wide, we have the lighter bodies to keep up.   If the Titans go with that game plan, I am afraid we are going to have to worry unless everyone plays with "perfect" gap integrity 80-90% of the time, which typically doesn't happen.
    • Always meaningful against those bums.
    • In general, I agree with you.  However, when two stud (I know Chase has yet to prove himself) edge rushers become available IMHO, you take a chance and get one.  If he doesn't work out, you lost a high draft pick.  If he works out, you pay him what they're getting.   Then you have a D line that Gus needs to run his defense.  Pressure on the QB without the blitz.     So, I'm not disagreeing with you in the greater scheme of things.  But there are exceptions to the rule.
    • Hopefully Colts won’t lay a egg these next two games so this game is meaningful.
    • Sorry….  I was responding to your comment about making the trade at the trade deadline.      So I’ll try again.    Giving up a pick AND signing a big contract at the trade deadline is rarely worth it.    The Buckner deal was done in March.   as was the deal that eventually brought us Quentin.   That’s the window when you get as close to 100 cents on the dollar as possible.   Trade deadline deals are where you get pennies on the dollar.      
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