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TY Hilton is back in blue -- Cowboys ((Mega Merge))


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17 hours ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

Happy for TY. My Dallas hate isn't as bad as many in here. I will be rooting for TY. Dallas is all in, I respect that. TY is the 3rd best WR we have ever had here In Indy. He has a chance at a ring now.


I actually like the cowvoys. There's no reason for me to hate them. They have a owner who tries to win every year and are usually contenders..However the league doesn't like Jerry, but the media loves to report on them.... good or bad.


Their game was disappointing vs the colts who played toe to toe with them.for 3 qtrs  before self imploding and then stunk up the joint vs the lowly texans....playing like that makes it unlikely they get by.Brady or Philly, especially with their.history of failing in the playoffs.

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9 hours ago, Blueblood23 said:

For what, the three yard bomb from Matty Ice? :D

for the experience, and no falling back trying to catch a ball that requires you to go towards it.


obviously that ship has sailed.  will be interesting to watch what he can do with DAL

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