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14 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

Yeah if anyone is a 5 it is him, that is why I put the lol at the end of my above post.


Ben still has his moments, I will say 3.75 for Ben. Health is a concern here though.


Aaron Rodgers


Still competing at MVP level 


TJ Watt

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4 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

Hard not put TJ at a 4.75, he has been an all-pro the last 2 seasons and had 15 sacks last year on a playoff team.


Kirk Cousins

Kirk 2

I think the Vikings move on from Kirk after this year


Derrick Henry 

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11 minutes ago, Thunderbolt said:

J Taylor - 4.0 2020, 4.75 - 2021

C Wentz - 4.25 - 2021

Kwitty Paye - 4.25-2021

D. Leonard - 4.50 -2021

Regarding this,


I will go:


JT = 4

Wentz = 3.75 as of now which is still on the good level.

Paye = unknown because he is a rookie, as a guess I say 3.5 = borderline good.

Leonard = 4.5

I had Buckner at a 4.75 and Nelson at a 5.


TY Hilton I have at a 3.25 which is still above average, this will probably be his last season with us. Career wise he was a 4.25 IMO.

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8 hours ago, New Zealands #1 Colts Fan said:

3.75 another good season and it's an easy 4.


Cole Beasley.....................


Cole Beasley..................... - 3


There should be many more 5's on this thread.   The Op stated 5 is pro bowl caliber.   

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