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Jared Cisneros

Jared's 2020 pre-combine mock draft

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This will be a mock before the combine to give us a solid draft to put us in playoff contention. There will be no trades in this mock.


Round 1.) Jordan Love QB- We get our franchise QB and give him a chance to start right away. Hopefully he is our franchise QB for the next 15 years.


Round 2a.) Brandon Aiyuk WR- Absolutely love this kid. He's the WR version of Kenny Moore, if that makes any sense. Seems like a Ballard pick.


Round 2b.) Neville Gallimore DT- Excellent DT that can start right away and fill a huge need. Will immediately upgrade the D-Line on day 1.


Round 3.) Damon Arnette CB- May or may not be there, but has potential to be a shutdown corner in the NFL IMO. 


Round 4.) Harrison Bryant TE- My personal favorite TE in the draft. Great replacement for Ebron as a fantastic receiver.


Round 5.) Kenny Cooper C- Excellent backup to Ryan Kelly that can be competent if needed to start during the year.


Round 6a.) Drew Richmond OT- More depth at O-Lineman as our depth is weak behind the starting 5. Should make the team.


Round 6b.) Joshua Kelley RB- He'd be a good player to possibly form an RB duo with Mack. Had a solid Senior Bowl


Round 7.) Gabriel Davis WR- I can see a few WR's falling in this deep class. We double-down and take Davis with our last pick.


Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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I’m a fan of Gallimore but he’s more of a 1-tech. If you have us taking a 3-tech in FA like Hargrave then that’s fine. But if not I’d take Jordan Elliot or Ross Blacklock over Gallimore.

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Solid mock.  Like was said by another, I'm a fan of Gallimore but we need a 3 in FA if we plan on taking him, if he's available.  

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