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I am sorry, but unless that new haircut of his made him a bette QB in the offseason, he is just not a good backup. He has looked horrible, I mean Sorgi looked better then this dude. Maybe he is looking good in practice and shoot maybe he always looks good in practice, but then he needs to calm down in the games. He just looks, and I hate raggen on our players, bad. But I will say its a new season and maybe he has worked his butt of during the lockout.

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Off the basis of that video, Collie looks to be our best receiver. Of course he's not as good as Reggie at this point, but he did every drill perfectly, he looked the most explosive in and out of his cuts, and on the ladder drills - wow; it looked as though his feet never even touched the ladder.

By all accounts, Collie is a true hard worker - one of the first in and last out every day. I need to get myself an Austin Collie jersey ASAP!

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was that Peyton? I didn't think it was, so when you said that I rewatched it, but still couldn't tell for sure...

I don't think that was Peyton. What do I know but being on PUP he can't practice until he's cleared was my understanding. Correct me if I'm wrong which I know someone will. :excite: I didn't even see him on the field today during practice.

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Collie is going to be a monster. I was so bummed for him that he got hurt last year, not just with the concussions but even the thumb before that, because he was just on a tear. He's a technician. Got past those rookie jitters, and now he looks like he was made to play receiver with Peyton Manning. I remember when we brought Stokley in, and once he got healthy he just slid into place like was always there. He wasn't as athletic as Collie is, but he didn't miss a beat either. Even Reggie took a couple years to turn into a legitimate threat every down. Austin outproduced Reggie's second season in half a season last year. He's gonna be an absolute monster.

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Yeah, that precision footwork demo was given by #16 Joe Horn. He is seriously slick. He scored 6 TD's in his final game as a senior. Scouts said he reminded them of Brandon Stokely. Now that I've seen his footwork, I see why. Heckendorf is #13, not bad, not bad. Here's their numbers in case you want to check them all out again.

03 Moore, Larrone WR 6-1 185 R Delaware State FA-11

10 Smith, Taj WR 6-0 192 2 Syracuse FA-10

11 Gonzalez, Anthony WR 6-0 193 5 Ohio State D1-07

12 Gilreath, David WR 5-11 169 R Wisconsin FA-11

13 Heckendorf, Kole WR 5-11 191 1 North Dakota State FA-10

16 Horn, Joe WR 5-11 179 R Ashland FA-11

17 Collie, Austin WR 6-0 200 3 Brigham Young D4a-09

83 Brooks, Chris WR 6-2 210 1 Nebraska FA-10

85 Garcon, Pierre WR 6-0 210 4 Mount Union D6d-08

87 Wayne, Reggie WR 6-0 198 11 Miami (Florida) D1b-01

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Collie once again looks like the fastest, most athletic of the bunch (that can catch) I might add. I seriously think that if he can stay healthy this year our offense will be potent. (Knocks on wood that Peyton gets back up to speed quickly. )

Collie is not the fastest guy on the team, reggie is faster than him... granted he is pretty quick. That said he is a pretty great wideout for the colts

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