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  1. Brock tweeted this: Dear hank baskett: if u were watching the game tonight.....that's how u catch an onside kick!!! I'm just sayn... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ lol i hate hank baske
  2. Manning has found a way year after year, to get the Colts in the playoffs no matter what the scenario was, but this might be his toughest task yet. With Houston breathing down their necks Manning will have to have one of his best seasons if the Colts will get back. But I'm not one to doubt one of the greatest Quarterback of all time. Until he gets dethroned, Peyton is still the king of the AFC South. The rest of the article is here----My link is it just me or is everyone who watches NFl doubting the colts to not even make playoffs?every time i watch ESPN they say "Texans" year.....its all nons
  3. According to Indy Star he will play alot on Thursday i want to see him already but he wont have any starting WR's i think CLICK HERE TO SEE
  4. I knew the sherriff would play
  5. I did not write this stampede blue did to let you know
  6. you havent watched his good plays in pre-season then i watch every houston/colts game because i live in HOUSTON, TX
  7. Foster downplays injury, says he will start for Texans Week 1 While Texans coach Gary Kubiak was cautiously optimistic about Arian Foster's status after he tweaked his hamstring, the Houston running back tweeted Sunday he will play Week 1. My link I dont want the guy to get hurt bad because i really wanted him to bot play week 1 because all we would ahve to worry about on the O is A. JOHNSOn
  8. ( They think donald borwn, jerry hughes,painter, and a couple more are cut)---What do You think..... QB: Peyton Manning, Kerry Collins RB: Joseph Addai, Delone Carter, Javarris James, Chad Spann WR: Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garcon, Austin Collie, T.J. Houshmandzadeh*, David Gilreath TE: Dallas Clark, Jacob Tamme, Brody Eldridge, Justin Snow LT: Anthony Castonzo, Michael Toudouze LG: Joe Reitz, Jacques McClendon OC: Jeff Saturday, Jake Kirkpatrick RG: Ryan Diem, Kyle DeVan RT: Jeff Linkenbach, Ben Ijalana DEfensE RE: Dwight Freeney, John Chick, Tyler Brayton NT: Antonio Johnson, Ricardo Mathews UT:
  9. same is said what happebed to everyone saying they going undefeated
  10. Look at it like this IF PAINTER actually played with the STARTing WIDE RECIEVERS like he did vs pack he did GREAT............but then also i havent seen kerry collins play yet for colts
  11. i wish justin tyron starts over him he gots speed
  12. 1.Painter did just enough to save his job---(Painter completed just over 50 percent of his passes, for 171 yards, including two touchdowns and no interceptions. Not great, but not awful either.) 2.The right side of the O-Line is Solid---(Joseph Addai had huge holes to run through on the right side to start the game.) 3.Jacob Lacey Needs to Improve---(acob Lacey looked bad —really bad —against the Packers. He was consistently beaten by the bigger, faster Packers receivers. ) 4.Delone Carter will play and be a threat in our Offense---(No player has impressed me more for the Colts this preseason
  13. I'm not going to lie. I'm actually very pleasantly surprised by how well the Indianapolis Colts played tonight in their third preseason game of 2011 against the defending champion Green Bay Packers. Last year this time, the Pack hung 59 points on the Colts in a game that was, for all intents and purposes, a precursor for the season for both teams. This year, let's hope this game is not foreshadowing, because Indy had an 8 point lead with roughly two minutes to go in the game only to choke it away behind the stupidity of Chip Vaughn and the awful pass-rushing skills of Jerry Hughes. But, rather
  14. it all depends if painter delievers on friday if so we keep if not i bet you 100% hes cut
  15. has the forum been down fora anyone else..............
  16. im gald like real talk i hope he plays against green bay and also he has beaten houston plenty of times
  17. i think he will be the next edge as in power back cant wait till he plays in reg. season
  18. Skip straight to 2:13 to see the DRAKE NEVIS sack and one of the only runs DELONE CARTEr got it is a beast mode run He breaks like 3 tackles go to the link below and then click the first video on the screen called sounds of the game lemme know what you think about his run http://www.colts.com/sub.cfm?page=video&content=522d211a-7656-41e2-8e21-0cf9329831e0
  19. im from houston texas i watch every texans game and we can beat believe me their passing defense sitill cant handle us
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