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  1. Time to give Holmes a shot at center? We have so little to lose surely this could come into consideration, even if only for part of the game?
  2. I am so fed up with this forum I want to tear my own brain out. The 'Fire Pep', 'Fire Manusky', 'Fire Pags', 'Fire Grigson' threads or comments are all ridiculous. Before the season fans were on here saying 'We don't make the playoffs, we suck, we wont do as well as last year' WE WON THE AFC SOUTH. So going off our preseason expectations, we're doing ok. Preseason expectations that wouldn't include losing our starting, All-World WR, starting TE, OG and 2 starting RBs for the year. Or Missing our #2 CB, a starting DE and starting SS for multiple games. Recent weeks have been frust
  3. I personally think Bjoern has looked pretty good in recent weeks. Yes the production isn't quite there yet, but he is a rookie learning a new position. He was a physical talent coming out of college, still raw as people have said. Added to that, he's learning a new position where he's had to develop pass coverage skills and change his base position. The injury to Sidbury didn't help his development, as he's effectively had to learn both OLB spots, as opposed to just working as a rush LB, which I'm sure would've been the plan early on when he was drafted. So the suggestion to add 30 LBs of
  4. If this is your honest opinion, why are you a member of and post on this forum? The whole purpose is for fans to post their opinions on things, if you can't respect that, you're in the wrong place.
  5. Was literally about to post this. Very similar skill set to Welker, but younger and will probably ask for less money. Also a good punt returner. Absolutely love Danny Amendola!
  6. I don't see us having the same problem against the cap which we had when Manning was here. Simply because, everyone saw what happened last season. As much as I believe we'll continue to use the draft to build, Grigson will look at free agency more than Polian did, which may help us as I do think he's a very good talent evaluator. The key is to not overpay the talent we have. The true test of that will come after this season, when players such as Powers, Freeney and McAfee (among others) become free agents. Would we like to keep all of these players? - Yes, but only for reasonable money.
  7. And we all know Billy Bob Thornton would be up for it, being a Colts fan and all
  8. I disagree, I think that stats can be a great indicator in football too. If you use the right stats. In this instance looking at both YPC and YAC surely illustrate which back is performing at a higher level? Or turnover differential? Turnover Differential is usually a good indicator of which team will win a football game. I would actually say that most stats we use in analysing football are good indicators, they just don't tell the whole story.
  9. This reminds me of the old scouts in Moneyball... you know the ones who are ignored by Billy Beane before the As win 20 in a row. More importantly though, your two statements are contradictory. If you had been using your eyes, most of what you said would be telling you Donald brown is the better back... as the stats show. Higher YPC, higher YAC, faster etc... How you can tell who's more decisive and 'runs behind his pads' I don't know. In fact, I don't even know what you mean by the latter. If by decisive you mean runs straight into the hole, is this a good thing? I remember one of Brown's run
  10. Why wouldn't he sign a new contract for less money at the end of the season? Heck Reggie did. I think it's certainly possible, and he knows that no team in the league will offer him $14 million a season - or at least no team with realistic playoff ambitions. I'm not saying he will sign a new deal with us, but I do believe it's very possible.
  11. I really could not disagree with most of you guys more. We've seen him play 3-4 OLB healthy for about 3 plays this year. He hurt his ankle first game, and hasn't been 100% since. Say what you like about his production so far, but take that into account, and give the man a bit of credit. he's out there fighting, acting as a leader on a young defense, and playing through the pain barrier each and every play. Should he have come back for the Green bay game? Probably not, but I'm sure the diagnosis to Chuck Pagano definitely played a part in him suiting up. And heck, he got a sack in that game. He
  12. I like both guys, don't see why people are ragging on DB when he's played really well this year. VB is our downhill runner, between the tackles. DB is our speed back, and I think at this moment in time, our best back. He's not afraid of contact, but he's way more effective and dangerous when he can get to the second level. He can make those home run plays. I'm not sure VB can, not to say he's not a good player with athleticism... as he proved yesterday. DC is our goal line back, he's just a hard-nosed runner who'll pick up the hard yards. Personally, I think DB should be the starter for the fo
  13. I'm no QB expert, but what I've noticed on several on the bad misses by Luck is that they've happened when he hasn't stepped into his throw. The throw to Fleener in the redzone was just poor fundamentals, and on some of the longer balls he's getting hit as he throws. I think it's very easy for us to try and use Manning as a frame of reference, but really he's far better than nearly every QB in the league. He could be accurate while getting hit, while off balance, but he's a 14 year vet who also happens to be the greatest QB the NFL has ever seen. I do agree that we can't be taking so many shot
  14. Sorry to be a dissenting view, but I agree with this guy - we're at the bottom right now, a very different team to the Perennial playoff contender from a couple of seasons ago. The Texans are in the ascendancy and we're starting fresh. With that said, I agree we could surprise a lot of people this year. On the defensive side of the ball it will be all about our front 7 - if we can get pressure on the QB and stop the run, it makes our secondary's job a lot easier. Look at Baltimore, they haven't always had elite corners, just Ed Reed back there, and they do fine in the passing game. I would li
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