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  1. I understand, and thanks for the reply clearing it up. Just saying, very few teams run the ball on 3rd down anymore. Unless it a couple yards.
  2. Thats great to hear. He might not be a Marino, but he will be solid. Great news.
  3. Well, 3rd and 3 or more is usually a passing situation for most teams. Do not know what you want from this thread. Why do we not run it more? Well, we stink at running the ball. Have for a long time. Nothing new there. Its a passing league now. Very few teams run the ball on 3rd down anymore.
  4. How could it be Lucks fault ? He is a rookie QB, and he still could be playing college football if he wanted. It will never be his fault this season. He is doing just fine. What did anyone expect ? There should be no one that thinks he should win games for us. When he does that is just gravy. That is why Reggie has stepped up like a champion this season.
  5. Well week 15 they will not be resting anyone, especially at home. Week 17, maybe. But, I think the AFC is going to come down to the last week for the top teams. They probably will be playing all for playoff standings.
  6. There is no doubt that our line is going to get Luck hurt at some point this season. That is why I thought waiving Harnish was a mistake. Unless we get to put him on the ps. But, if he doesnt get hurt some how, I will say 5 maybe 6 wins. That is what I thought at the beginning of the season. Lets look at the schedule. We will not win in Jacksonville. We will not win either Texans games. We might split with Tennessee. Lose to NE, possible win with Bills, possible with Miami, lose at Detriot, possible at Kansas City. So, yeah, possible 5 or 6 wins, could be less though. Hate to say it.
  7. First off, was this taped on beta max. Wow, that is really bad. Second, the clip only shows one missed throw by Peyton in the 3rd. Really? I know the Colts lost, but dont show that clip as an example of why we should all understand why Luck has missed a few throws.
  8. Grigson....that dude has always been a Hilton kind of guy. When is he going to learn?
  9. I love it. I played that video like 6 times in a row. So, funny. But, so true. But, why is it that when it goes to the end and you get the "other vidoes similar" does it have a dog in a barber shop. Thats even more hilarious. You guys need to check that out.
  10. In other words, the Texans are the favorites to lose in the SuperBowl.
  11. Yeah, and the sun was in his eyes all day. Not to mention, the pregame breakfast only had corn flakes. We all know he needs his Wheaties in the morning. I also heard he was out late the night before arm wrestling locals for brewtus's at the neighborhood Applebee's.
  12. Great game. But, Luck needs better protection or he might not be able to have the career we all hope he can have. He has taken way too many big shots already. We can not let this talented young man keep taking such huge hits.
  13. No, we beat a really good NFC team that didnt have their best reciever playing. I am not Debbie Downer here. Lets just not get to excited about this. It was great for the franchise, and good for the players. Great for the fans who wanted this so much. But, this Packers team is going to be great by the end of the year. I hope we can keep getting better.
  14. Wasnt the best game I have ever seen, but it was awesome. U cant believe how good Luck has been. It is nice to have a guy like Reggie on his side. I am not sure if Peyton ever had a guy that was that determined to make this team better, then Reggie is being right now. He made some epic strong catches today. Not the Reggie didnt do that for Peyton. But, Marvin was never that kind of player. I love this team right now. I am not saying playoffs, but glad to see them fighting so hard every week.
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