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Dungy's View On Resting The Starters On Snf, Did I Hear It Right?


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Dungy's view on resting Aaron Rodgers next game was that he be played for at best a half to keep the rhythm going since the Packers clinched home field advantage tonight and are 14-1.

Then, why did we just do barely a quarter in 2005 vs the Seahawks and just 1 series vs the Cardinals when we were 13-1 and were beaten by the Chargers with 2 games to go? Was it truly Dungy that wanted us to rest or was it more than him? Makes me wonder still based on his comments on SNF.


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I think Caldwell learned by Dungy's mistakes in 2005 by playing the guys more in 2009....in 2005 they had nearly a month off and came out flat against the Steelers...a team they had demolished weeks prior....in the years they didnt rest and lost there were other factors in play (2007 missing Freeney and Mathis...2008 a missed block on 3rd and 2 to ice the game...2010 injuries all around and a bad kickoff return)

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