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Breakdown of Clemson LB Stephone Anthony

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Size: Anthony possesses ideal build for the LB position. He comes in at 6'3" and 240 lbs. His arms are a little below-average in length (32 1/2") and he could stand to put on more weight. (4/5)

Athleticism: I don't think there's any question that Anthony is the most physically gifted Off-Ball LB in the draft. A top performer in every drill that he took part in at the combine. His web is very well-rounded. Fantastic burst and closing speed. Change of direction and lateral agility are all top notch. He plays exactly like he tests. Great sideline to sideline speed. (8/10)

Coverage Ability: "Inefficiency of Movement". He takes a bunch of false steps when playing in coverage, but often makes up for them with his recovery speed and range. His awareness and technical ability is lacking, but I think he can more than make up for it with his physical ability and if he gets good coaching. Can cover TEs 1-on-1 and looks fluid in zone, but he definitely takes a bunch of false steps that could bite him in the pros. He'll be a good fit in Manusky's defense where he'll often times have to cover slot receivers. (6/10)

Run Game Ability: Anthony's ability to play the run isn't based on his ability to take on block 1-on-1 like Denzell Perryman, but he does a good job shooting gaps and maneuvering around traffic. He's not going to be an elite block-shedder, which will probably be a problem in the pros if he goes to a team that doesn't scheme to protect it's LBers. His sidestepping of blocker can often create large running lanes if he doesn't make the play. Struggles with leverage. Often times doesn't maintain gap-discipline and allows RBs hit the cutback lanes. (5/10)

Pass Rushing Ability: Anthony is statistically one of the best pass rushing LBers in the draft. Doesn't have great bend around the corner, so his pass rushing opportunities should be limited to A and B gap blitzes. Times blitzes almost perfectly. (4/5)

Play Recognition: Wonderful job sniffing out screens and blowing them up. Reads running plays well. Very good at picking the right side and gap to shoot. Lack of gap-discipline and awareness in coverage brings this grade down. (5/10)

Tackling: Anthony is usually a reliable tackler. He wraps up and can even has some pop behind his pads. But, I can't get the abomination that was the Georgia game out of my mind. He took terrible angles and had a few broken tackles. (6/10)


Burst: http://zippy.gfycat.com/FirmTornLamprey.webm

Burst 2: http://zippy.gfycat.com/RightTenseAdamsstaghornedbeetle.webm

Shoots gap and makes TFL: http://zippy.gfycat.com/SameCrispGaur.webm

Inefficiency of movement: http://zippy.gfycat.com/UnawareLimpKingsnake.webm

False steps (recovers with speed): http://zippy.gfycat.com/SilentMeaslyAmurratsnake.webm

Sniffing out a screen: http://zippy.gfycat.com/OffbeatMenacingBumblebee.webm

A-gap blitz: http://zippy.gfycat.com/WarlikeCoarseGnatcatcher.webm

Evading a blocker: http://fat.gfycat.com/SoftDisloyalCattle.webm

Bad angle: http://zippy.gfycat.com/EnchantingCluelessAntarcticfurseal.webm

Bad tackle attempt: http://zippy.gfycat.com/ImpressionableUniformHarborporpoise.webm


Grade: 38 out of 60 which, warrants a 2nd round grade.

I like Anthony more than I did on my first viewing. He has all of the physical traits to be a high-level 3-down LB in the NFL one day. He has technical issues, and doesn't play with a lot of strength when taking on blockers 1-on-1. But he's probably the 2nd most well-rounded LB in this class (behind Kendricks). If he goes to a team with the right coaching, he can be a high-level starter in a year or two.

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Rumors are the Packers are in love with him. At 30, they'll have a shot at him or Kendricks because they need an ILB bad. I'd say just because of that, he has a chance to sneak into the 1st round. But he should be ranked well ahead of McKinney.

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You hit him hard for play recognition and tackling. Net result makes sense, though. I've felt he was a top 75 guy, and probably better after he tested so well. 


I feel with Anthony that he has the type of measurables that make you wish you could take Perryman's play recognition and tackling and put it into his 6'3", 240 pound body. Add that in  and you'd be talking about a top 15 player, forget 75.

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I feel with Anthony that he has the type of measurables that make you wish you could take Perryman's play recognition and tackling and put it into his 6'3", 240 pound body. Add that in  and you'd be talking about a top 15 player, forget 75.


Yeah, if Perryman had his speed and lateral range, that would be a great prospect.

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