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  1. Rivers has deserved the hate he has received so far. I hope he can turn things around but unfortunately I don't think he will.
  2. Rivers has actually thrown 4 TDs and 5 ints. through 5 games. He has not been good at all and IMO if not for the improved defense the Colts would be 1-4 or 0-5. They have not won because of Rivers but they have certainly lost because of him. Rivers has been a huge disappointment to this point.
  3. I suck at these but I say Colts 23 Jets 16
  4. Maybe they need to focus on playing football...since they are a football team...instead of all the other "stuff" they seem to be focused on. They just lost to the worst team in the league and looked like crap doing it.
  5. Pitiful showing by the Colts today.........Ya'll can try to sugar coat it all ya want but it was sad
  6. I don't know a whole lot about him but he seemed to do pretty well at guard in Seattle. For those that may know is he better, worse or about on par with Glow?
  7. Seattle released Guard and former 1st round pick D. J. Fluker. Not a bad player and may come cheaper than normal since he was released. Thoughts?
  8. So is this guy out this year with the injury? If so wth is the point in drafting him and having to wait a year for him to play with so much talent left on the board?? Who knows if he even recovers properly.
  9. If there is a way to keep AV long enough to get the record that would be pretty cool. Then have him retire and Chase take over after that. That may be a dream scenario but I would to like to see it.
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