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Question of the Day - 10/04 "Ravens @ Colts"

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:blueshoe:   Earlier this week John Harbaugh resurrected a previous accusation that the Colts "pipe in noise" - then later back-pedaled trying to make it a joke between himself & friend Chuck Pagano. 


:blueshoe:   In doing so - he broke a long-standing NFL pre-game "unwritten rule" by providing "bulletin board material" for the opposing team.



:blueshoe:   Will the Colts faithful blow the roof off of Lucas Oil Stadium this Sunday in response to Harbaugh's "back-handed accusation" ??

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The RCA "Hoosier Dome" was loud. It was deafening at times. 


Accusations were made that noise was piped in, but in reality the way the small stadium (by NFL Standards) was designed, it was the perfect acoustic stadium. 


I have heard Lucas get very loud, but never as loud as the old RCA "Hoosier Dome". 


This is exactly what the doctor ordered. Johnny boy may have woke the sleeping Giant. 

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