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  1. You can get one that says “The rivalry is back on.” Local company is producing them already. edit: I now realize it’s the same company and this shirt is in the link lol. My bad.
  2. Melvin and Hairston have me optimistic for our future at CB. Looking forward to seeing what Wilson can do out there as well.
  3. Is hammering the anvil our version of the Vikings horn? I actually enjoyed it, but I think Mathis was a big reason why. Nobody will look as BA as Mathis did with that hammer! As for this news, I'm so happy for him! It makes me happy seeing/hearing how much he loves this city and this team!
  4. I don't want to take Rex out of the booth! He was sooooo good!
  5. 36-13 Cards. Some of those 13 come in garbage time when Jacoby gets in the game.
  6. That game felt so good to watch.
  7. Guess he wasn't a Jeff to make the team after all.
  8. Mike Hart or James Mungro. I'd go 1a. Faulk and 1b. Edge
  9. Why do people name their kids something boring like "Barkevious?" Probably had 3 other kids named Barkevious in his class growing up. So confusing.
  10. He was in Cleveland before that though. So does that cancel out?
  11. #NotMyPunter hopefully he plays better here. Maybe Pat can help coach him.
  12. Wouldn't that be a great twist?
  13. Breaking news: Colts did what 31 other NFL teams do. Some are just more successful at it ;)
  14. I'm looking for a good name for my skull. So far I have "Adam Vina-skully" or "Ryan Skully."
  15. thanks! I got it at the beginning of the season. So much for bringing good luck!
  16. Hey! I have one too but it's blue! | | | \/
  17. Oh I can fake swing a golf club with the best of them. I'm garbage with a real club, but I'm not trying out for the PGA over here.
  18. Godspeed Boomstick. Incredible punter, incredible personality, incredible Colt.
  19. My friends and family would likely say yes. Plus, I won't leave to be a comedian!
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