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the question is how many Colts players make it? maybe one?

Who would that be?

Neither Freeney or Mathis are in the top 15 in sacks. Angerer leads the league in tackles but it is kind of hard to get too excited about that when the defense is the 2nd worst of the Super Bowl era. The secondary is beyond dreadful and the tackles are poor.

The only Colt receivers in the top 50 in catches, TDs, and YPG are Garcon & Wayne, both in the 20s and 30s. Painter is the 12th rated quarterback but that is entirely the product of a few big plays. He is #30 in completion %, #25 in TD/G and #31 in YPG,. No Colt running back is in the top 35 in YPG, YPC, or TD/G. The offensive line is bad.

The only Colt special teamer in the top 15 at his position is McAfee, who is #8 in punting and #5 in kickoff touchback %.

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McAfee to the Pro Bowl!

He's played well but there are some very good AFC punters.like Lechler and Moorman.

Lechler is averaging almost 5 yards a kick more.

I'd like to see McAfee get selected because he has been one of the few bright spots but the competition is probably too tough.

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who cares.

half the guys who are voted in won't play in it.

Lol, actually this is a Colts forum, our players typically go to Hawaii when invited and embrace the trip. I still remember Peyton throwing a TD pass to Houshmanzadeh. Stuff like that is fun.

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