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  1. i think it's great. adam sandler's most recent movies, however, are not so great.
  2. pats are tough at home. have won 17(maybe more?) straight against nfc teams, pretty impressive. maybe the pats are due to lose one, see: buffalo bills. still taking the pats.
  3. if housh had anything left he woulda have been on a team already. another head scratcher to me.
  4. just stay away from miami. playing the ryans 4 times a year will make me vomit.
  5. didn't realize pats/steelers were playing again this week. your comebacks are like your record, not winning! just saying.
  6. i don't think anyone wants to watch another 62-7 beatdown. just saying.
  7. who cares. half the guys who are voted in won't play in it.
  8. please stay away from the afc east, mr.cowher. and if you could keep andrew luck out of the division that would be much appreciated!
  9. in that case: mark peyton sanchez darrelle peyton revis rex peyton ryan curse needs to hit these guys lol
  10. stallworth was only in n.e. for 2007. yep maroney was a beast for our running game :thdown:
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