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What's Worse Than 0-5?

John Waylon

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Jeez we need to win a few. I'm seeing people say that we are cheating for tanking, I don't think we are tanking, and we are put in the same category as spygate. :eek:

Where are people saying this at? Seriously, I don't know, I haven't seen anybody say this. We are just that bad, they don't need to try to lose they just suck.

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This one gets my vote. Keep in mind--the Colts would have been in the same boat two years ago had they taken the non-Caldwell approach and played through the season. We made it to the Super Bowl, only to have our hopes dashed by an * named Hank Baskett. I hope his trashbag wife can keep them afloat, because his NFL career sure won't.

Who knows? We may not have even made it to the Super Bowl. No Jets in the playoffs = maybe we meet the Chargers and get beat by them. AGAIN.

That being said, if we didn't meet the Jets, Freeney doesn't go down, and if we still get to the SB WITH A DEFENSE then we'd likely have stomped the Saints.

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