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"Can these fake Titans fans **** on my timeline, I don't have a regular job, so don't compare me to you, and I can care less if you think I am greedy."



This is two days old, but I gotta say, I usually do not fume over tweets, but this one really got under my skin. First he calls out Titans fans, then he tosses profanity, then he reminds us regular working folk that we do not compare to him, and then he does not deny the possibility he is greedy (ie. by brushing off the declaration). I am amazed in just under 120 words how many things Johnson did wrong here.

If this was any average player, I would be fine with the Tweet, but Johnson is the face of the Titans organization. There may be 8-yr old kids who look up to this guy! Can you imagine if Peyton Manning made a tweet like this!?! Wow.

I hope we knock Johnson out during the regular season. He might be fast, but the Colts have no issues shutting speed guys up and sealing off the edges.

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Interesting that he is so uneducated that he does not understand the difference between "could care less" versus "could NOT care less".

Dmf is fortunate he has incredible physical skill, the greedy full of himself dumb dumb.

It drives me nuts when people say could care less and mean couldn't care less. If they took 2 seconds to think about it, they would say the right thing and it would make sense. I could care less means you care about it a decent amount

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According to the article from newschannel5.com, CJ later tweeted that those comments were not aimed at his true fans, but were directed towards fans who made racist comments towards him. I guess I would like to know what those racist comments were. Not that it makes much of a difference. What he said shows that he is immature and conceited. I strongly dislike players who forget that their million dollar paychecks and their billions in endorsement deals are a direct result of the money that their fans spend on tickets, merchandise, etc. Yes, even those fans who make immature racist comments about your holdout CJ. Why don't you put your big boy pants on, be a man, and ignore them. If you had a shred of self-confidence, you wouldn't have responded with an insult that probably slams better than 99% of your fan base. You know... all those people with regular jobs.

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not saying i agree with johnson but having a career in the nfl is different from a regular job because it shortens your life. many former players have died at our 50 years old. just recently lee ray salmon died at age 56.

Yea, but somehow I doubt that is what he meant :D.

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not saying i agree with johnson but having a career in the nfl is different from a regular job because it shortens your life. many former players have died at our 50 years old. just recently lee ray salmon died at age 56.

It's certainly different than what most people have, but as ReMeDy said, I'm sure he didn't mean it in that sense.

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    • I hope this works out for him and his wife. 
    • You don’t have to convince me Roseman is good at his job.   I literally said so in the post you felt necessary to respond to.    He’s very good at his job.   But he makes mistakes too as all GMs do.   That’s something that many here don’t understand.   
    • Hopkins is a million times better team player than AB. OBJ just got drafted by a bad team with a fading QB, and has been great apart from the recent injury and time-off. My point is, Hopkins has not shown any signs of being slowed down yet.
    • Agholor was hand picked by Chip Kelly, Roseman was not having control over that draft, IIRC.   Yeah, everyone will have misses. What separates Roseman from all other GMs and puts him in rarefied air is he doesn't restrict himself from getting high priced free agents to build a strong contending team even with unstable QB position, while being willing to Max out all the cap space he could. Hurts was not a proven quality QB last off-season, but their GM still had every other position fortified with quality starters and depth. He replenishes  RB room for cheap and with quality depth, and spends money on impact positions while drafting trenches 8 out of 10 times in the first round and mostly drafting there well. He fleeces other GMs very well on offloading contracts and getting great free agents at right time from right team. So many moves just don't work out by luck year after year. He's a very good grip on where to spend money and how to keep the roster a championship contender even with unanswered questions at QB position for last decade.    He does so much so well that his misses are negligible in the larger picture. He missed on Jefferson, but he got AJ and Smith, and now they're not going to lose sleep over that miss.
    • Eh maybe, look at AB and OBJ… 
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