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  1. Happy Birthday!!!

  2. This topic gets me mixed up inside. I don't like to see the Colts lose, but I have to say that I have been very proud of their effort this year. I've enjoyed watching them compete. I've been pleasantly suprised to see Painter develop into a decent backup QB. I have to admit that I didn't think he was worth a roster spot after the preseason he had. I was wrong. The guys that are healthy have gone out there and given it everything they've got. They've played most of their opponents to a close finish. That said, realistically the season is not going to end with a playoff birth, so its natu
  3. According to the article from newschannel5.com, CJ later tweeted that those comments were not aimed at his true fans, but were directed towards fans who made racist comments towards him. I guess I would like to know what those racist comments were. Not that it makes much of a difference. What he said shows that he is immature and conceited. I strongly dislike players who forget that their million dollar paychecks and their billions in endorsement deals are a direct result of the money that their fans spend on tickets, merchandise, etc. Yes, even those fans who make immature racist comment
  4. It always hurts when our season ends prematurely. I mope around the house and randomly bang my head against different walls. Haven't found one yet that makes me feel better when I give it a head butt. IMO the last team I want to see win a superbowl in Indy is the Patriots. As long as Brady is under center and Belichick is pacing the sideline with the trademark hoody, I will chear for anyone who plays them. Period.
  5. You hope the Texans win the division so that the Patriots don't have to face the Colts in the playoffs.
  6. Proven winning franchise stocked with veterens vs proven underachieving franchise stocked with guys who seem to be struggling to meet their full potential. It's been mentioned that the Texans are a paper franchise. They lost 8 of their last 10 games in 2010, but Oh my!... they've won all three of their preseason games. They must be better than the colts! At Manning's retirement party the Colts will hand the keys to the division over to the Texans. Until then... they have to take them from us. Maybe they find their backbone and do it this season, but I'll believe it when I see it.
  7. It's the preseason. It's the preseason and this is the Texans we're talking about. Yes they have improved on paper, but weren't they supposed to challenge us for the division last year? After a good start they lost 8 of their last 10. I'll believe the Texans as a challenge to our division dominance when they transfer their good on paper team into a 10+ win regular season. If Manning can't go, of course they have a chance at beating us in week one. The division is another story. Manning has been durable. He'll play the majority of the season. We're better on paper than we were last year
  8. When Peyton plays...yes we will have a good chance of beating the Texans in week one. I think all this "doom and gloom" is due to the fact that other teams have their starters warming up in the preseason and we haven't seen Manning or Collie yet. Manning's of the PUP list so he should start warming up. Probably won't see him Thursday against Cincinnati, but our season opener is still 12 days away. I think he will play, and I believe we can win. Like Malakai said, Houston finds ways to lose to us. They have only beat us twice since the AFC south was put together in 2002. That's 2 out of 1
  9. Well if Manning had a duck farm to keep all his ducks at, that would be a lonely pair of ducks!
  10. Well we got Kerry Collins so I think we can close all these we need a reliable backup QB threads.
  11. Assuming he stays healthy all season I would say over on both, but I think that might be a risky assumption. Watching him play the early part of last season, it was clear that he was having his break out season. Manning had complete faith in him. He was showing great hands. It looked like he was poised to be our next great reciever in the shadows of Harrison and Wayne, but then the concussions hit. I think the concussions may have shown the one thing Collie lacks: Awareness of the defense around him. This is something that Harrison and Wayne were both fully aware of. They didn't (and W
  12. I don't think Irsay's intention was to troll the fans. I think he's troll fishing in the media pond, and apparently he's catching some big troll bass.
  13. Yeah I saw the Dungy thing tonight. It made me laugh when he said that he couldn't get him out of the game in the 4th quarter when they were up by 3 touchdowns. That's our Manning.
  14. Well said pepe le piu. It seems like the level of panic this preseason has a different feeling to it, because we haven't seen the starters yet. I'm tempted to panic myself, but they aren't going to rush these guys back from injuries to play in the preseason. Also last year we had to come from a game back late in the season. We were 6-6 after week 13 and Jacksonville was 7-5. At some point a slow start may cost us a season and perch atop the division, but I still don't think the other teams in our division have the pieces in place to dethrone us this year.
  15. I don't think it would have mattered how much money they would have promised him to do this. After Freeney hit him, he wouldn't of remembered what they promised him. "Yeah man. We bet you $20 bucks you couldn't take a hit from Freeney. Congrats! You won!"
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