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Denver's tough schedule doesn't look as tough


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Broncos' main rival in the AFC will be their division rival first, the Chargers who look very good, IMO.

I told folks before that A.J.Smith has such a chip on his shoulder with the Mannings because Eli rejected the Chargers. The Chargers' record against the Mannings has been outstanding (2-0 against Eli that they played in 2005 and 2009 at home and on the road). Manning signing up for the same division could have been the best thing that happened to the Chargers since they know that they cannot afford a slow start.

After the Falcons-Texans back-to-back, the Pats-Chargers back-to-back will be the hardest for the Broncos to deal with. After game 6, Bengals, Saints, Ravens, Chargers - only the Ravens and Chargers will give the Broncos issues.

The first 6 is still a real tough test. The Chargers get the Falcons at home next, a huge boost on a short week for the Falcons. So, I bet Chargers fans are rooting for the Falcons. If the Falcons lose on MNF, the NFC South becomes wide open again since I doubt the Falcons beat the Chargers on the road.

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I'm thinking tie breakers...down the line so AFC wins mean a little more than NFC triumphs....

but I'm assuming that SD has to play Atlanta, Tampa, Carolina and NOLA as well...right.

The Houston game is the toguhest on the schedule...coming after a Monday night...

But the Sheriff has been on the job almost 7 days a week since May...I would not say the odds are against him

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