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    Church,Family,Football. Die hard Packers fan then a Colts fan.

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  1. Jennings is better than Bowe. Besides GJ will go to Miami before the Colts. Whatever team he goes to he can expect his QB & team to not be as good as Rodgers & the Packers.
  2. when Peyton went to Denver he had to get w/a former player who had # 18 retired in order to wear #18
  3. A couple yrs ago it was Revis. Brady gives him a run for his money though. I remember a game the Pats vs Ravens a yr after Brady's knee injury. A Ravens D lineman barely brushed his knee & Brady goes crying to the ref
  4. Peyton was great now he's really good IMO. Peyton may not want to but I believe Peyton retires after the 2014 season. We can all speculate why he took a knee w/33 secs to go. His arm is not what it use to be.
  5. Jules you've gone crazy! They asked for bold predictions not totally absurd predictions. Hope to see ya across the hall.
  6. Last time I heard those 3 SBs the Pats have are part of Packers history as they are named after the great Vince Lombardi so that pat fan needs to sit down & shut up
  7. I think a better pic was of Peyton Manning & Ray Lewis after Denver lost to the Ravens. Definately a great pic
  8. IMO if the Colts could get Jennings they should jump at the chance for Jennings as it would give Luck a legit double threat. Reggie Wayne is at the end of his career IMO. I'd say 3 yrs max
  9. I haven't heard but has Collie retired? He needs to w/all those concussions he's had
  10. Harvin isn't going anywhere. Jennings made a comment about possibly going to the Vikings. Hope he doesn't as he'll just as bad if not worse than Favre
  11. Seattle would love to have Woodson or Freeney
  12. Freeney will cost too much for the Packers as I'd like to see him play opposite Matthews. We have Perry but he hasn't shown much
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