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John Waylon

Time To Add Luck To The MVP Discussion

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Whats really cool is that Luck is averaging through eight games the exact same number of yards per game as Manning is ... 300.5 and both their teams are 5-3 and in the PO hunt.

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Time to give my weekly thanks to Bill Polian for drafting Curtis Painter who woefully gave us this wonderful QB named Luck to carry the torch for this "horseshoe" lucky franchise that needs to pinch itself to realize it went from Unitas to Peyton to now Luck :).

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    • Breakdown of Eastern Kentucky EDGE Noah Spence
      2015 Breakdowns:   Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Ohio State Emmanuel Ogbah, EDGE, Oklahoma State Mackensie Alexander, CB, Clemson   Size: Spence is 6'2" 254 lbs. Basic size for an edge-rushing OLB. 4-3 teams would probably prefer more length, meaning he'll be more attractive o the 3-4 teams. (4/5)   Athleticism: Spence has great speed around the edge and possess a nice up the field burst. Quick-twitch player able to avoid blocks in traffic and cut-blocks. Good hip and ankle flexibility to give OTs fits on speed rushes. Spence plays with absolutely relentless motor; often being able to make 2nd and 3rd attempts on QBs and runners. Spence lacks elite strength at the point of attack and can get blocked out by bigger offensive-tackles. Speed to power is just above average. Change of direction is good, not great. (7.5/10)   Hand Usage: His hand usage is much better pass rushing than it as on running plays. But not particularly great at either. He doesn't seem to lack hand strength so it's really just something that will have to be coached into him (5/10)   Pass Rush Moves: Doesn't very much. Like most athletic pass rushers he prefers the speed moves around the edge with a little rip every now and then. Can get ran up the field if he doesn't win with his initial move. Really disappointing he got kicked off of Ohio State, because I think another year of development at a real school would have him a lot further along technically then where he is at now. You'd like to see a few counter-moves thrown in as often times OTs over-correct to account for his speed. (6/10)   Run Defense: Not an incredibly strong player who's going to anchor the front for you, but Spence is surprisingly good at reading running plays and picking lanes to fill. That awareness, combined with his relentless effort makes him an already pretty decent run defender. Not the type of player to blow up the whole play, but the type of player who fills lanes which allows other players to make the tackle. (7/10)   Misc. Technical: Noah is a pretty conservative player on read-option/play-action type plays, preferring to stay at home instead of risking the big play from the offense. If we do draft him, his effort will be a breath of fresh air compared to the passive Bjoern Werner. Snap anticipation is average. (3.5/5)   Tackling: Gets low; wraps up. Not much more you could ask for. (5/5)   Versatility: Spence is pretty clearly limited to a rush LB spot in a 3-4 or in a 4-3 over front. Bacially no coverage snaps that I saw. Can play with his hand in the dirt in obvious pass situations, but i don't think any 4-3 teams are going to overthink this one. (2.5/5)   GIFs (gif machine is giving me trouble so sorry for so few):    Strip-sack on a speed rush:   Beats Jack Conklin for a near sack and tackles the runner:   Watch his hands on a different angle:   Conclusion:    40.5 out of 60 which is a mid-1st round pick.    Spence is an athletic, high-effort player who's probably the highest upside player in the draft. In my opinion, his floor is that of a good pass rusher with a ceiling of Von Miller or Khalil Mack. His inherent risk and limit to the 3-4 teams will likely mean he'll be available at 18 if the Colts want him. I could see Spence becoming a 12 sack a year player in the NFL.   NFL Comparison: Elvis Dumervil, BAL
    • Interesting Article on Peyton
      always said this from above article   analyzed Peytion in his prime Colt years Vs now   Perhaps this is karma, a just reward after a career of — with a few exceptions — being shackled to some of the worst defenses ever to run deep into the playoffs   & his and the running game was less efficient than what Tom Brady, Drew Brees or John Elway was working with.   Manning was very good — if not completely and totally great — in every facet of passing the football.   ( NOW after his decline but with a proper D )    it’s hard not to appreciate the strange symmetry after Manning spent a career elevating middling and worse teams with his brilliance.
    • Bproland's Post Superbowl Mock Offseason
      Yes I agree it's horrible in it's depth but there are a few good centers. I think there's a chance at Jack Allen, Ryan Kelly, or Max Tuerk in the 3rd. Karl Joseph is a strong safety and we have Geathers and Hall is a corner who might go earlier than mid 4th and with snagging a guy in FA a position we are good at. If we are looking at safety I'd rather have Sean Davis in the 3rd or if he falls Deandre Houston-Carson in the 4th. But really though I don't think corner is a big need after grabbing a guy in FA. 
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