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Franco Harris passes


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I can never be a fan of a steeler player, a team that the Football Gods favor and a team thats knocked us out of the playoffs every time we've played them since.the '70s.. I hate the Steelers lol.


But of course I don't like people dying, that's sad..Franco was.a solid player for a great team and not a single word can be negatively said about him.

My condolences go out to his friends and family.. He is a well respected man, as is his teammate Bradshaw, who I enjoy seeing on Fox pre game/post game.


Looking back to the rise of the Steel Curtain, Franco and Bradshaw were a important part of their success that complimented the heart and soul of the team, their Defense.

But I always thought Lydell Mitchell was a bit more talented then Franco, especially receiving. And of course Bradshaw couldn't compare to Bert Jones, no one in that era could. And maybe Roger Carr wasn't a Stallworth or.Swann, but was faster and very good himself. I don't remember who the Steelers TE was but I'll guess our Raymond Chester was better. But still they won super bowls while we quickly.were eliminated from playoffs. It was a.different game then, Defense was a lot more important in those days and they also had a major edge in coaching too, as did the raiders.


Anyway, again condolences to Franco's family. You know the Football Gods will be watching the game tonight who.certainly had a hand in the Immaculate Reception and I highly think they will fittingly see that Francos team prevails.

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