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Our future QB just slipped out of our hands, good job Ballard


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17 minutes ago, Superman said:


Seems like a simple concept, but it's also lost on so many people. We have four years of film on Baker Mayfield. He has one flashy game, and that becomes the narrative. 

Yep, water will find its own level like Mayfield’s performances come back to averages.

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11 hours ago, chad72 said:

He’s average and doesn’t offer anything exceptional over what we have. That’s all I’m saying.


Colts OL and play calling would have given him the same shot of success as Matt Ryan. But then lots of QBs would have finished with a better aesthetics than Matt Ryan, that’s not saying much.


The point of the whole thing.  Mayfield is not the answer.  


I like Mayfield, but in the end he is not an elite QB. 

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