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  1. FWIW. I think we the fans should have seen this coming. I really like Andrew, but football isn't the most important thing in his life. Mr. Irsay pretty much said the same thing when he mentioned what was going in in Andrews head during the shoulder issue. Hell he's got a wife now and a child on the way, he wants to spend his time with them, he has all the money he will ever need, I get it. Not sure why it is so hard for people to understand that. Football is just a game, live life on your terms Andrew.
  2. Any fan who say's they are not disappointed with last nights performance seems a bit strange to me??? They really looked unprepared on both sides of the ball.
  3. If Ventura starts one more sentence with "Yeah" and says "basically" one more time i'm hitting the mute button.
  4. Love Andrew but lets face it, the calf injury thing brings back some terrible memories of how the shoulder injury went down??
  5. Agreed. I hate him, but I respect him. Probably the best NFL coach ever.
  6. Social media, so overrated. Who cares?
  7. Q on offense, Suh on defense. Nasty on both sides of the ball, I'm in.
  8. I watch the draft every year, and learned years ago it is totally unpredictable. No matter who we drafted, if they are good enough for our owner, Gm, and coach, I think everything will work out just fine.
  9. Crazycolt1, Once again, you are embarrassing yourself. ????????????
  10. I would rather have Jim than any other owner in the NFL.
  11. Agree. You gotta beat the best, to be the best.
  12. Grew up a Packers fan, Bart Star was the MAN. Moved to the Colts when they moved instate. Moved to Denver with Peyton when the Colts dumped him, and Dallas and basically decided to start over, came back to the Colts when Peyton retired and figured I've already watched the whole career of the GOAT so let's just go back home. GO COLTS
  13. I think he would be a great pickup for us at the right price. He wasn't given the opportunity to shine in Denver
  14. I would choose winning the SB, I could brag about that for 4 years. Wait a minute, I hate losing,,,, this is tooooo hard of a decision.
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