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  1. Hopefully Wentz will step up and prove his worth. No excuses now. He has the tools to work with, Oline, running game, and a defense to keep games in check. Our GM and Coach seems to believe in him so I'm putting my trust in them. We can win with the team we have if our QB does his job.
  2. I like CB but I think he thinks he has found a comfortable, safe place to land. Depending on how this season pan's out, I can see Irsay lighting a small fire under his * to move things along.
  3. Who cares? He's coming back, move on
  4. LOL, JB was not the loser on this deal. Don't get me wrong, I like Ballard, but he not the all world GM some on this forum think.
  5. 20 million for a locker room prescience, not one of Ballard's finest moves.
  6. I will never forget the 20 million JB contract.
  7. I've been called worse. LOL
  8. And lets watch Rhodes walk, so we gain nothing.
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