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  1. ojsglove

    Congrats to Coach Reich!

    Congrats Coach Frank. Ladies and gentlemen, we got us a coach.
  2. ojsglove

    Leg Room

    Yep totally agree, it's just an internet forum, no more no less.
  3. Mystery solved, nothing to see here folks, move along.
  4. I think it's pretty obvious. Goode's version of what happened after his return from his brothers funeral appear to be true. Might be a great coach, but not a very nice human. This move will only solidify this team. Yep, we got us a real coach, I see Frank coaching this team for as long as he wants.
  5. The better team won the game. I think it was a classic case of a young team believing the hype and getting knocked back down to reality. Hopefully, they will remember this game and come back next year with a chip on their shoulder, I truly believe they will. With a few additions to the team namely at WR, a couple of pass rushers, and DBs we are Super Bowl contenders. This has been one of the most enjoyable seasons for me as a long time Colts fan in years. GO COLTS
  6. Terrible way to end the season. I'm still proud of this team. I'm afraid we have seen Adams final game, been a great run and without a doubt, destined for the HOF. With a few additions, this team can be a Super Bowl contender next year.
  7. ojsglove

    Irsay's tweet for tomorrow's game

    I'm stickin with Jim.
  8. ojsglove

    Irsay post game

    Nah, let's save that for the Pats.
  9. ojsglove

    Irsay post game

    Gotta love him. No matter what anyone says, he is great owner.
  10. ojsglove

    Andrew Luck and his brain farts

    our youth is showing
  11. ojsglove

    Andrew Luck and his brain farts

    playing scared
  12. ojsglove

    What will you be watching for Sunday?

    Probably The Andy Griffth Show reruns. I've had 2 heart attacks and a stroke watching the Colts this season. GO COLTS!!!
  13. Coaches, as well as players, have to be held accountable for their actions. If Good's version of what took place regarding him being cut turns out to be true, I'm sure Mr. Irsay will handle it after the season.
  14. ojsglove

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season.

    Happy Holidays to everyone here in the forum.