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  1. EXACTLLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I like ya brother, but our D shouldn't have had to come back on the field, we had this game. We have a pretty good team, but, Frank ain't going to take us where we need to be.
  3. And still lost, how did that happen???
  4. Exactly what I'm saying we trotted out our injured kicker with the game on the line.
  5. Winning the Big Game is what every team goes into the season with. Knowing your chances of getting there because your coach isn't capable, kind of mutes the enthusiasm with the fan base, which means smaller attendance at the stadium, which affects the bottom line. Do the math.
  6. I totally agree with this. I respect Frank, and like him as a person, he seems to be a great guy, but as a head coach in the NFL, he is not the guy. I know people will cite injuries, tough schedule, and other excuses including "he can only play the players he is given" but I'm sure he had a pretty big say so when the players were drafted. Too many terrible play calls that have cost us points and games. My gut tells me we will never make it back to the big game as long as Frank is our coach.
  7. LOL Nobody else seems to be having a problem?
  8. Other then Wentz, Taylor, and Hines, This team is soft, on both sides of ball. Frank might be a great guy, but he is not head coaching material. Grigson, don't get me started on that phoney.
  9. And making wads of money playing a game.
  10. Not sure if that might not have been a better call on 3rd down?
  11. So in other words, having our Oline which I've seen ranked anywhere between # 1 to # 3, and our # 1 RB, it was a bad idea to gain 1 yard by running it 3 times in a row? And after watching Wentz run for his life on just about every pass play tells me our Oline isn't all that.
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