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  1. As I stated in another thread, the texans should thank us for punishing KC last week. If we keep Watson in the pocket with pressure, we win. This week off couldn't have come at a better time, GO COLTS
  2. The Texans should thank us, we punished KC last week, it showed today. GO COLTS
  3. To bring the subject of race into any thread in this forum is totally repugnant to me. Liking or disliking a player should be based on their skills not the color of their skin. Totally disgusted, this thread has gone on too long.
  4. Totally agree but not sure how he could be a distraction? These are grown men, professional football players. I'm quite sure if you polled the players, you would get a %100 positive they were all happy to see him.
  5. Great to see Andrew seems healthy and happy. I personally don't think He will ever play football again. This is just an example of why I think we have the best owner in the league, once a Colt, always a Colt, your welcome to visit anytime.
  6. Seems like the defense got going 1 game earlier this season.
  7. ^^^^^ POST OF THE YEAR. Never count this team out, players, coaches, we have a good team here. Win or lose, this is the team I choose to support. You can hang the homer tag on me, I will wear it with pride.
  8. It's a TEAM sport, on both sides of the ball. Mahomes is a great qb, with a great supporting cast of players and a hall of fame coach, but, tonight we were better. Proud Colts fan here, Come Get Some.
  9. Luck doesn't reside here anymore, move along.
  10. shastmasta, Sorry we messed up your fantasy league. NEVER BET AGAINST THIS TEAM.
  11. Thank you very much, the Colts have left the building.
  12. Hopefully you will be eaten them words this time tomorrow night.
  13. We got the talent, just gotta perform.
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