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  1. I say we go after Stafford. I think he is are best option at this point to maximize our value on our oline.
  2. Never said winning a SB was easy, and actually was probably the first poster in here that suggested we sign him, and was dismissed by most of the self proclaimed elite members in here.
  3. WOW I thought we were in all in mode?? Truth is we are in some trouble next year. I think Rivers was Rivers and done what he has done his whole career, Thank you Phillip, you got us to the playoffs, and silenced the mob, for another season. We have free agents that will want raises if we want them to play for us next season. Our current system is not going to work. we payed our current backup QB 10 million this season for being a good locker room guy? Frank is not going to coach us to the ring. Chris is great at drafting talent, but doesn't seem to have much say, so on how we retain th
  4. Franks a good guy but he is not a head coach. As I said before, this team is not mentally tough enough to win a SB, and that is on Frank.
  5. If somehow coach can convince this team to play 60 minutes of football, and turn over the play calling duties, we got a chance, otherwise it's gonna be ugly. GO COLTS.
  6. Out coached and out played in the 2nd half cost us the game, I bleed blue just like you, it kills me that we need help to get in the playoffs. I like Frank but he's not gonna get us to where we want to be.
  7. Come on man, blaming the loss on the refs???? your better than that.
  8. This team is not mentally tough enough to compete for a SB. It's all fun and games when they score, run to the end zone, and pose and dance in front of the big screen. But at the end of the game, they walk off the field with their tails between their legs after another crushing loss. We have the talent, we are missing the winning mentality.
  9. Our defense is carrying this team. Oline has regressed, not impressed with coach Reich's play calling. We still gotta a shot. GO COLTS
  10. Colts 24-21. Our o line has regressed, defense wins this one for us, again.
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