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  1. Grigsons relationship with Jim's daughter, is the only reason he was allowed to hang around so long
  2. I tend to agree with this. Never been a Carson Wentz fan, lot's of talent, but for a big strong guy, he gets injured way to often. Big arm, little heart.
  3. I was a lifelong season ticket holder until they fired Coach Knight, I never went back until last Saturday. IMO, Coach Knight, was 1 of the greatest NCAA coaches of all time. Love him or hate him, he ran a clean program, and produced quality BB teams. I have nothing but respect for him, it is so sad to see what age and disease has done to this once proud man. Yep, I was there, wouldn't have missed it for the world, and to be totally honest, I cried like a baby when he walked on the floor.
  4. Soooo, you see the in's and out's in the locker room? IMO, JB was given a great opportunity to become a starting QB in this league, but lacks the talent. He shared locker rooms with 2 great QB's, and he hasn't improved, in fact, I personally think he has regressed. You can blame it on his knee, but by his own admission, it wasn't causing him problems. As far as the team supporting him, I think just the opposite. This is pro football, these guys earn their money based on their production, the more they produce, the more money they have the opportunity to make. If your QB can't see open WR's, and if he does, he overthrows, underthrows, or throws 200 mph screen passes, game after game, that doesn't create a good locker room environment. If our great oline protects JB play after play only to see his inability to read the defense, go through his reads, and fail to see the open guy time after time, then their effort is wasted. I think it's time for JB to go, this team needs a new starting QB, at this point I think anyone else would be an improvement.
  5. I agree with most of this. Failing to sign E. Sanders was, in hindsight, with all the WR injuries, a prime example of sitting on the cap. But you can't predict injuries. The decision to sign Hoyer for $ 1.2 mil and insert him as backup QB instead of promoting Swag, in my mind was a terrible mistake, that could have given us an opportunity to narrow down our option's in the upcoming draft.
  6. Yet we are currently paying our starting and backup QB 42 million total with not so favorable results. Please enlighten me?
  7. Totally agree, i've been saying the exact same thing.
  8. We are just a QB away from being a very, very good team.
  9. I think you can attribute this to the opposing defense being able to key on the run due to are lack of a passing game.
  10. I think AC is one of the growing number of players who has decided health is more important than money. AC has been a great player for us since he arrived. I honestly don't think he is looking for a break the bank contract, he has already stated he will either resign with the Colts or retire. If CB thinks he is worth keeping than offer him a decent contract, but DO NOT try to lowball him, or he will walk.
  11. Agreed, poor representation of what this forum is all about. MODS??
  12. I agree, sadly, that is what professional sports has become. It's all about the money. I'm am on record being unimpressed with JB, and am highly doubtful, he somehow makes a miraculous improvement in his QB skills this offseason. But if we start bringing FA's in, who are more interested in THEIR stats, and how much money they can make aka Ebron, then contributing to the team, then we are just digging ourselves a deeper hole. You either want to be a Colt or you don't.
  13. The showcase of trophies for the Pat's started after Brady's improvement after 3 seasons in the league. The showcase of trophies for the 9er's came well before JG. The 49er's have an all around good team comprised of good draft pick's and FA signings, combined with a QB who has the ability to accurately throw the ball, be it screen pass or down the field. If you add all of this up with great coaching, it's easy to see why they are playing in the big game and we are sitting at home watching.
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