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  1. Our defense is carrying this team. Oline has regressed, not impressed with coach Reich's play calling. We still gotta a shot. GO COLTS
  2. Colts 24-21. Our o line has regressed, defense wins this one for us, again.
  3. I would rather lose with Rivers than win with the Devil.
  4. Combine a washed up QB with terrible play calling by our HC and our OL which was outplayed again today, this is what you get. It's going to be a struggle to make it 8-8.
  5. Not sure how you can go into the first game of the season not ready to play, This loss was a TEAM effort, starting with the coaching staff.
  6. Total team loss. Classic case of overlooking a lesser team. It is the job of the coaching staff to have the team ready to play, today, they were not. We were beat in all phases in this game, Rivers was pressured the whole game. The so called #1 o line? Not today, got embarrassed. Our big time pass rushers? not so much, on one play, I watched Minshew hold the ball, and run around for 15 seconds before being sacked. This team has the best fan base in the NFL, but in today's world, games like today, will have us leaving in droves.
  7. Good luck to A. V. Thank you for all your contributions to the team. It should have ended on a better note.
  8. He was voted team captain before the start of the season. LOL, why in the h!!l would I want him to loose respect from his teammates?
  9. I appreciate everything AV done for the Colts, he won a lot of games for us, and a definite HOF kicker. The last 2 seasons , I think he became a me player instead of a team player. Chasing records rarely ends well for a pro athlete, and in Adam's case I think it cost him a little loss of respect, not only from fans, but teammates, but the main fault lies with the Jim, Ballard, and coach for letting it happen. Good luck AV enjoy retirement.
  10. Not sure why this thread is even relevant? Andrew is gone, history, He left on his terms, I respect that, although the timing was a little messy. I enjoyed watching him play, and cursed him at times, but he was our QB. We got a new sheriff in town that I think is going to push us over the top. Why not stop the comparison with Luck and get behind our new QB? Andrew isn't coming back, for god sakes, move on.
  11. Heart of a Lion, his body betrayed him, special player.
  12. Welcome back brother, no matter what the Colts do this season, you won.
  13. Nah, not unless Andrew's wife wife gave him permission to play, and Ebron's mystery injury miraculously heals.
  14. We will see how long he lasts in Pittsburgh
  15. Ebron was a cancer, Detroit removed him, we removed him before he infected the whole team. I think Pittsburgh will regret they signed him, but then again, that whole team is already infected.
  16. With the addition of Buckner, and Rivers and our current players, we have a very, very good team. If a couple of our draft picks are legit, and TY stays healthy, we will be a DANGEROUS team, and serious contender to win it all.
  17. Absolutely, If we stay healthy.
  18. Fear no one, start strong, stay strong. That's the mantra this coaching staff needs to project to this team. I'm really excited about this team, I think we have enough quality players in place to bring back the ring.
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