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WOO HOO!!! Playoff-bound!

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That was a rough game to watch. I know that’s a rivalry game and all but if you throw out that 1 long 53 yard run, that USC team crushed the run game, dominated the Irish in both of the trenches and just played much more passionately than the Irish. 


I was highly concerned most all of that game game and was thinking oh no, not again to falling down at the end. Glad the Irish pulled that out and all but let’s hope they get back to their normal selves during the bowl games. I have to think all the air travel they’ve had to do recently has them fatigued but they will definitely have to bring a much better game against everyone else they might have to play. They reminded me of a Pagano led defensive style, absent. Glad the usc kids shot their own feet a few times or we get outscored. 


GO IRISH!!!  ☘️ 

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On ‎11‎/‎24‎/‎2018 at 11:17 PM, Lucky Colts Fan said:

My Irish are going to the playoffs!


I'll be rooting for them, but really I'm just glad they're good enough to get in.


Somebody had to be good enough to lose to Bama or Clemson in the first round.  haha

I'm rooting for us but I don't think this team is nearly good enough to beat either of those teams. However, anything can happen. Funny down here in Kentucky they think Georgia should have made it in over the Irish. They even think UK is better than ND....that ND never plays anyone and it's rigged because they don't have to play a conference championship game. ND had a strong schedule this year...and most years....it didn't help Florida St. fell apart but they beat everyone they played. Anyways...maybe one year the SEC will play a game north of the Mason Dixon line in late Nov. or January...be interesting to see how they faired in some cold or snow. If anything the playoffs are to the SEC advantage always played in Dome's or nice weather. Like to see if they can get down and dirty instead of a track meet.

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5 hours ago, Lucky Colts Fan said:

Today's the day!  Let's go Irish!  :rock:


Just don't get blown out like Purdue did...  :beg:


Keep it close and maybe we get Lucky in the 4th.  :clover:


I hope the second half is better than the first half has been for ND.  Book has not looked good and that Lawrence kid has looked great.

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