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Brandon Jacobs At It Again


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“You know what it is? You’ve got a lot of people on other teams hating the Cowboys. It’s their fans,” Jacobs said Thursday, according to the New York Daily News. “Some of their fans are loud, obnoxious and just bad.


Man, does this guy ever stop? Coughlin needs to tell him to stop talking so much. He isn't even the best player at his position on his own team and is nowhere near the best player at his position in the division. This is uncharacteristic of Coughlin's teams. They are usually very well disciplined. Jacobs needs to let his play do the talking. I honestly think the Giants would be better off without this guy

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The guy just isn't very good which is probably a good thing - it's a relief for the sport that it isn't a poster boy coming out with this sort of thing.

That said it's entertaining, I can't stand Rex Ryan so good to see him get a shouting. It's still embarrassing behaviour and I don't see Giants tolerating it much longer.

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