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  1. He has a condition that makes him believe he's an NFL QB.
  2. It was in 1993. Wendell Davis, Bears WR. I remember that game.
  3. I sure hope so of course, but Achillies injuries always worry me, especially a man of Peters' size, and given what his responsibilities are. It was reported that this only pushed his rehab back about 3 weeks, but even the initial injury worries me. Hope I'm wrong, but I fear he may have played his last game as an Eagle.
  4. I can't think of a single person, NFL related or otherwise, I'd pay $100,000 to hang out with.
  5. I hate this idea as it is. Like another poster said, there is only so much you can do to make the game safer. One of the coolest moments in sports is seeing all the flash bulbs go off during the opening kickoff of the Super Bowl. Quit trying to water down the game. Goodell is going to make the NFL the NFFL (National Flag Football League) eventually.
  6. Take care of immediate family. Buy or have my dream house built. Nothing mansion like, just something big enough to have a few luxuries that me and my wife can live in forever. Buy a new truck. Take a nice vacation in the offseason.
  7. Been a season ticket holder since 1999, (although financial reasons are forcing me to give them up). Been to Veterans Stadium and the Linc obviously. Only other stadium I've been to was Texas Stadium when we played down there in 2004. Had a great time down there, although that place was a dump.
  8. If I'm sticking with the letter of the law (thread) - Shady McCoy. I'f I'm going with the spirit of the law (thread) - Aaron Rodgers.
  9. The part that always got me, was the idea of memorizing an entire half game of all the subtle hand gestures, and syncing them up with the play being run....all during a 12 minute halftime.
  10. Never been fond of changing the OT rules. I like the concept of sudden death, but I also knew there was a strong push to change that, and it was a matter of time before it did.
  11. There are cases where it's not as clear. Last year, Vick got charged with an INT that clearly hit the ground after watching replays, but those were never shown in the stadium. Most INTs are cut and dry, but I guess it'd be used on passes that may have hit thr ground, or where there's a question if a defender got both feet inbounds.
  12. Peyton vs Brady will always be a draw no matter what. Putting it on opening weekend seems like a waste since fans will be jacked up for opening weekend no matter who plays. Let that matchup build a bit.
  13. Payton may not have known every last detail, but as long as he knows even in a vague sense that it's going on, and either hides it, or lies about it, then he is every bit as culpable.
  14. Up until last year, I would have said the easiest position would be Peyton Manning's backup.
  15. I know Netflix is good quality through the Xbox, but I don't know how live TV programming would be.
  16. Bounty gate IMO. Even as an Eagle fan who's team lost to the Pats in a Super Bowl, I never thought we lost because of Spygate. The Pats were beatable that day. I felt we lost because of our own mistakes and missed opportunities. The act of stealing signals in and of itself is a legal practice. It was their use of a video camera that made it illegal, and I've never been convinced that using a camera makes it that much more effective. Further, their original video taper Matt Walsh, who became known shortly before Super Bowl 42, had an axe to grind with the organization for firing him, revealed a
  17. The O-Line actually ended up being one of our better units once they got to play together. One reason I'm glad we were able to retain Mathis. Our line is now intact until 2014. Agreed on our defense. The D-Line is good, and we're good at CB. The biggest questions are at safety, and LB, although the trade for Ryans certainly helps if he can even get close to what he was before his injury. Even as he is, he's our best LB.
  18. I think if you can prove owners had knowledge of it happening, then maybe fines would be in order, but other than NO, I think Williams is too far removed from previous situations where it'd be unfair to punish teams who have no known connection to the situation.
  19. As others have said, there will be 31 picks in the rounds where the Saints lost picks, but I believe the CBA requires 255 total players drafted so extra compensatory picks would likely be added to the end of the draft.
  20. Brees is still under control of the Franchise Tag. I believe it may even be the Exclusive Franchise Tag, so he couldn't elect to look elsewhere unless the tag is rescinded.
  21. I knew that was a matter of time. I heard we made an offer for Tebow, and I'm glad we didn't get him. While I'm not overly fond of Vick as the starter anymore, one positive with him being a starter, is it took the WC out of Reid's offense. He overused it, and with little success. I would worry that getting Tebow would bring it back.
  22. As much as we needed linebackers, I would have been shocked regardless if we took one in the first round. I thought and still believe we'll likely take a DT in round 1.
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