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  1. Awful news. Hoping for a full and steady recovery in time. We'll miss him, let's hope Bradshaw's back to 100% very soon.
  2. Can see the spare roster spot going to Kerwynn or Justice (Cunningham, not Winston)
  3. Apparently it's a conditional 2015 pick.
  4. Traded Caesar Rayford to Cowboys for a late pick......
  5. He's not even the third most overpaid on our roster.
  6. Make a list of 12 you'd be happy with (shouldn't be hard, my 12th is Stafford) and wait as long as you can. Should be able to make it to the 5th or 6th, but be prepared for a run.
  7. I'm genuinely gutted about this. Praying the second opinion comes back with good news, otherwise this is an awful situation - not only do we lose a stud for a year, but his long term development takes a huge hit.
  8. Per Tom James and Ian Rapoport on Twitter. That's a real pain, I thought Colts picked up relatively smart ones.
  9. I get a little blue felt tip and draw a horseshoe on my wrist for good luck. True story.
  10. Are you seriously telling me that homosexuality is an active, conscious choice? Really?!
  11. I really struggle to believe how anyone, in this day and age, with the education we as people in developed countries have received, can be intolerant of anyone for uncontrollable differences, be it homosexuality, ethnicity, gender etc etc whatever. Any kind of discrimination based on things like that isn't just ignorance, it's stupidity.
  12. It's a bit of a shame for him that he'll always be known as "the other Steve Smith".
  13. Not a secret superstar to Colts fans, he was really, really good.
  14. I particularly enjoyed "Is Jim Harbaugh as mental as he seems?" "ahhhhh... yeah, he's mental." Also, he really loves Indy by the sounds of it. Very defensive of his team, can't praise his own teammates higher. Just such a great guy. Also categorically dismissed any notion of him running the read option, because he's "not athletic enough".
  15. That was just brilliant. He's such a charming, genuinely humble and funny man. Much more personality than his colts.com interviews let on! Don't worry guys, I told him to win a Lombardi for us this year.
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