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Bigger Disappoinment

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Has to be the Eagles. The Chargers had a history of coming up short, even with a top 3 O and D last year. The Eagles, however, when they have had the talent, have normally delivered. They were coming off a close playoff loss to the eventual SB champs, the Packers 16-21 in the wild card round. So, by deductive reasoning, the talent they paid for in terms of experience, should have come together more often than not to be in the playoffs.

So, definitely THE EAGLES

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i think the expectations for the eagles were too high. a lot of new players with little time for all of them to learn to play together. i think the eagles will be a much better team next year

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They discussed this on NFL Network the other day.

It depends how you look at it. The Eagles did have tons of talent, but we all know that it takes time for all the talent to mold together and for the players to develop some chemistry. With a shortened offseason and none of the OTA stuff, it put more pressure on them. Before all of their acquisitions, I had them going deep in the players. After all the signings, I had them going nowhere. Looking at the roster, you would have high expectations for them. But looking at how they got those players, your expectations would drop.

As for the Chargers, no one expected Rivers to have the off year he had. I watched a few of their games and they got outmatched physically. They got punched in the mouth, they played soft. They have a history of slow starts. However, all the injuries to their offensive line certainly didn't help them.

I expected the Eagles to do worse than I first predicted, but I didn't expect the Chargers to do so poorly this year. To me, they are the bigger disappointment

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Has to the Eagles. They have arguably the most talented roster in football.

Chargers are notorious for trying to overcome early season slumps with a late season surge. This year was vintage Chargers, only they played better at the beginning of the season than usual, and really played awful mid-season, losing 7 games in a row. Once again, their turnover differential was god-awful, mostly in part to Rivers' 20 INTs.

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