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  1. Yeah Dorsett did not fight for that ball at all. He should have at least tried to get a hand on it if he couldnt catch it.
  2. Dorsett just isnt that good. He wasnt even good in college. In his 4 years at Miami he averaged 30 catches for 533 yards and 4 TDs. Hardly the type of productivity I would have forked over a first round pick on. Especially when the colts had/ have so many glaring needs in so many areas. Classic example of a guy whos stock went through the roof after he ran a blazing 40 time. Much like Stehpen Hill or Darius Heyward Bey, except those guys at least had size to match their speed. I cant express the dissapointment I had when we drafted him, and that dissapointment hasnt subsided in the slightest watching him play every week. Aside from the bomb touchdown he caught in London (which he was left wide open in a blown coverage) I can't recall him doing anything memorable at all in his time here.
  3. I loved Garcon when he was here. He would be a fine addition to this team. At the right price of course. He is grossly overpaid in Washington. Big strong targets ala Kelvin Benjamen, Mike Evans, Alshon Jeffrey etc. have become staples in NFL offenses these days, just curious as to why the Colts never seem to have any of these types of players on their radar either through the draft or free agency.
  4. How about having Eric Walden running 20 yards downfield trying to cover tight ends? In what world should this ever happen? We should celebrate not getting blown out too bad? By NFL standards 21 points is a pretty big beatdown. After a decade plus of excellece how can you guys have such low standards?
  5. Moncreif a potential top 10 WR? Cmon man lay off the blue kool aid. Our receiving corps really could use a big strong target who can go up there and get the ball. We have too many wide receivers cut who apprear to be from the same cloth. Even Moncreif who isnt as undersized as Dorsett and TY, is far from an imposing physical presence. Our WR corps are speedy, but they are soft and have difficulty catching the ball in traffic. They arent particularly effective at getting clean releases in press coverage either. Wish we would have made a run at Brandon Marshal when he was available in free agency last offseason, he was just what this team needed (aside from being an obvious head case). He certainly would have been a better signing than Trent Cole.
  6. Grigson can't leave town fast enough. Pagano has been pretty bad too, but its hard to fault him when he's dealing with a complete lack of talent on both sides of the ball. Our 3-4 scheme is obselete when we have below average LBs across the board. Our secondary is a total wash outside of Vontae whos playing on one leg. Would love to have a shutdown corner like Xavier Rhodes on the team, too bad Grigson thought Bjeorn Werner was the better pick (lol). An MVP caliber ballhawk safety like Landon Collins would be nice too wouldn't it? Oh yeah Grigson went with Phillip Dorsett instead (lol). What a season he's having. But then to turn around the next year and waste a second rounder on a science experiment like Green, who probably would have been available in the 4th or 5th round was the ultimate slap in the face. No need to even bring up the Trent Richardson trade. Who is to be held accountable for this mess?
  7. We are in dire need if an edge pass rusher with Mathis being sidelined. Mathis' production on the feild simply cannot be replaced any way you look at it, particularly with the absence of both Hughes and Conner leaving via free agency the past two seasons. Jonathan Newsome is a situational pass rusher at best and Werner is still very much raw talent and work in progress. Walden is good at stopping the run but doesn't bring much in terms bringing QB pressure. Mathis' injury is very much exposing the Colts' lack of depth at the position which is surprising given how strong they used to be in that area just a few years back. I too agree Bjoern Werner is better suited for a 4-3 scheme. He will certainly be under emmense pressure to perform this year and justify Grigson's decision to spend a first round pick on him.
  8. More because of his lack of size and the fact that he went to FIU and not Tennessee or Florida. Hilton is a very dynamic playmaker,and the Colts should absolutely be trying to get the ball in his hands in open space in any way possible, whether it be bubble screens, quick outs, or running him on reverses. Pep Hamilton needs to be more creativewith his playcalling than lining him up at fullback
  9. Let's not forget Quinn had the luxory of having Chris Long on the oppisite end. Robert Mathis was double teamed regularly in the second half of the season. That's not to say Quinn is more or less deserving though, the season he had was really something special. As for the question at hand all guys mentioned are deserving and make a strong case. I really would have no issue with any of the 5 or 6 guys mentioned getting the nod.
  10. Lol @ how pathetic NFL officiating is. You would think such attrocities would never occur much less repeat themselves. Then I remember a Redskins game this year where RG3 and company are driving down the field in the final minutes to tie the game and after an apparent 1st down the chains are moved and Griffin takes a shot down the field for an incomplete pass no big deal. Except the refs then on 2nd down change their mind about two plays prior being a first down (saying it was inches short) and actually move back the sticks 10 yards and declare Skins 2nd and 10 is now 4th and inches.
  11. Hilton has no explosion in and out of his cuts? Really? His lateral quickness and short burst accelleration in and out of his breaks is most definitely his most endearing quality. Even moreso than his straight line speed, this is where he gets his seperation from and why he is so successful in finding space on intermediate patterns and underneath routes.
  12. The hit was legal, it should be more of an issue about the NFL needing to make adjusted rule changes to prevent player injury than an issue of whether Welker was in the wrong in trying to hit Talib coming across the middle. Personally I think defenders should be warranted the same courtesy as offensive players - Talib is just as defenseless trying to cover a crossing route with his eyes locked on the ball/QB as what a wideout would be coming over the middle in traffic. And Talib's injury probably had no impact on the final result of game but to say it wasn't instrumental to the Pats' secondary getting exploited the way they did is a bit silly. The guy is a top tier defensive back (anyone who says otherwise is delusional) and after his injury it was very obvious that the Pats had no one else who could match up physically with Demeryius Thomas. Just as importantly, the Pats had to move Dennard over to cover him, which in turn created other exploitable and favorable matchups elsewhere on the field for the Broncos.
  13. Like him or hate him this guy backs it up. He is playing at a ridiculously high level right now. He just had one of the best seasons a db has ever had in league history. If you look at opponents' passer ratings when targeting him it is mind boggling. I like his fire.
  14. Sure a lot of his decisions didn't pan out this year in the draft or FA but after what he did in 2012 its hard to knock the guy. I for one was a little bit dissapointed we drafted Werner over Alec Ogletree - who made an immediate impact on the Rams' front seven - or ahead of Werner's FSU teammate Xavier Rhodes, who was drafted two picks after Werner and had a pretty stellar rookie campaign with the Vikings this season. The jury is still out on Werner though. The kid is pretty raw but he has tremendous upside so who knows what type of player he will develop into. Look at how well another supposed bust, Jerry Hughes performed for the Bills this year in his fourth NFL season.
  15. Top 10 really? Which of these wideouts can you honestly tell me he is better than? Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffrey, AJ Green, Reggie Wayne, Roddy White, Julio Jones, Josh Gordon? Not to mention guys like Jordy Nelson, Demaryius Thomas, Desean Jackson, Victor Cruz, Antonio Brown and Dez Bryant. I love Ty as much as the next guy but let's not make outlandish statements here. He is an elite level talent for sure but he needs a couple years to develop before I'd call him an elite NFL wide receiver.
  16. He is one of the few cbs in the league that can man up outside with the other teams primary receiving target. Nonetheless he is pretty average in run support and has been prone to mental lapses. A bit of a stretch to rank him top 3 over guys like Sherman, Hayden, Peterson and Verner. Fringe top 10 seems more likely.
  17. 6'4, 229lbs of ferocity. The best WR left on the board (many had him #2 or #3 behind Blackmon and Floyd), and arguably the best player left overall. This guy is exactly what Colts' fans have been whining about us lacking in years past. He is strong, physical, great hands, good in space, and deceptively fast for a guy his size. I say make it happen Chad!
  18. No love for Jerel Worthy? He might be the best player left on the board. I'm shocked he made it out of round one. I think his upside rivals that of guys like Marcel Darius and Sedrick Ellis. Alshon Jeffrey? Janoris Jenkins? Colby Fleener perhaps? Tough one to call.
  19. 34th pick: WR Alshon Jeffrey - SC, DB Janoris Jenkins - N. Ala, DT Devon Still - Penn St or DT Jerel Worthy from MSU. All four are studs with tremendous upside. I can't believe all of them made it out of the first round. Jerel Worthy in particular I felt was as dominant a DT as anyone in the draft, including Brockers, Poe, and Cox. Fleener would also be a solid choice, especially given his repitiore with Andrew Luck. 3rd round: If we don't take Jeffrey in round 2, there will probably be plenty of capable WRs left on the board. Sanu (Rutgers), Hill (Ga Tech), Fuller (Texas A&M) or Givens (Wake Forrest) all warrant a 3rd round pick. Jordan White from Western Michigan is my ultimate sleeper pick. Doesn't have elite size or speed, but he was as productive as ANYONE in college ball last year. His bowl performance 14 + rec. for 250+ yards and 2 TDs was the exclamation point on his spectacular college career. He has 6 years college experience so he is most definitely NFL ready, and he is a very Reggie Wayne-esque player who could make an immediate impact. Decisions decisions decisions....
  20. LaMichael James is a the complete package at RB. Despite his size, he is a bruiser and can run outside the tackles too, ala Ray Rice/ MJD. I watched several Oregon games this past year and he was consitenly their best player all year long. I doubt he will make it out of the 3rd round.
  21. Brackett - Bracklett was a Colt for a long time so it saddens me to see him go. But his game was based on speed/ coverage skills, and not size/shooting the gap. Clearly Angerer is fresher and has more upside at this point in his career, but is much cheaper, so this was really a no-brainer. B+ Addai - Addai is a solid scat back with good blocking and pass catching skills, however I feel he would be better suited as a situational back than in a starting position. He just isn't a very good run between the tackles kind of back. I think the Colts should try to fill the void at half back in FA or the draft. A Painter - Nothing really needs to be said about this one. A+ Clark - This is another sad loss. Although nagging injuries slowed him down tremendously last season, I still think Dallas Clark is one of the better pass catching tight ends in the league. Without Peyton Manning throwing him the ball this year, you would have to wonder if he could generate any measure of that same type of production. I think this cut had more to do with Clark's ridiculous overpriced salary than anything else. Alas, it was probably a smart move for the organization. but Clark will be missed. B Melvin Bullit - I don't really understand this one. The Colts really missed his presence in the secondary this past season, and the last thing they need is yet another void back there. C- Phillip Wheeler - Like Gary Brackett, Wheeler's playing style is best suited for Polian's style of defence, which is subsequently what the Colts' are going to be trying to get away from (or so I hope). B+ Manning - The most tragic of all losses. This one is gonna hurt for a long time. I still have mixed reactions on this, but again, its all part of the business. This is going to be horrible right now, however the long term benifets of Luck is potentially more significant to the short term benefits of Manning at this point in his career. B
  22. 1. Bethea 2. Freeney 3. Mathis 4. Collie
  23. Regardless if the Gmen won or not, Leavy was responsible fronting the Pack 14 or their 20 points and more often than not, a 14 point front against a team this good is a recipe for disaster. The Giants beat the Pack AND the refs today.
  24. http://muckrack.com/topic/Bill%20Leavy http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1025537-giants-vs-packers-twitter-blasts-referees-for-overturning-fumble Matthew Stafford, Donte Stallworth, Freddie Jackson and others seem to think it was a pretty clear cut fumble by Jennings, and even if you're a die hard Packers fan, you'd be hard pressed to truely feel otherwise. I know everything may be fine and dandy now that Giants pulled off the win anyways, but the calls by the refs in today's game were downright incompetant. I fail to see how a professional referee can possibly justify some of those calls out there today. You would really have to watch the game to believe it. Jennings fumbled 100% without question. Osi Umenyora's 15 yard penalty on 3rd and long for hitting the head of the QB was just despicable. If players/coaching staff/personel have to be held accountable for their errors with their job, I feel to see why NFL referees should not face similar circumstances.
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