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What Do You Donald Brown Haters Have To Say Now?

Blue Horseshoe

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"Polian is a blight on this franchise" Me - Approximately 5 years ago. What is your point exactly?

5 years ago, hey ... 2 SB appearances with one SB victory in those 5 years.

How many teams have been to the playoffs 4 out of 5 years, making the SB twice, winning it once?

Doesn't sound like a blight to me. I'd happily accept such results over every 5 year period. Oh, I agree with Polian ... I think this year is an aberration.

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So, "the #1 DE on the NFL's All-Decade team for the 2000's - a group chosen by the members of the Hall-of-Fame selection committee" won't sniff the HoF? Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds?

If you took the time to read, you would have also seen that in order to induct all of those players, it would take over 9 years. And no, Freeney is not #1, he would easily be the #4. He's WELL behind Strahan,Taylor and Peppers. So in order for Dwight to go into the HoF it would take AT LEAST those 4 to go in before him. And those are just DE, there are plenty of other positions on the field.

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A lot of yards came on a few big carries, but that's what good HB's do in the NFL. They are patient, and they keep at it until something opens up. No one is going to get 6-7 yard rips all game long, every game.

Bingo! Look at all the great backs over the years ... So many carry it maybe 15 times with mediocre at best results, then bam! They rip off a few big runs. Great backs carry the ball 20 or more times in a game, averaging maybe 4.5 ypc.

There are a lot of really good backs in NFL history that would not be considered very good if their teams did not commit to them and give them the ball 15 - 25 times each and every game. Simply put, the Colts have not committed to an RB like that since Edge was here. Virtually no back is going to be consistently good when only seeing spot duty, but that's how the Colts have treated their RBs for the past 4 years.

As for Brown, he looked pretty darn good in year one until he got hurt and missed 5 games. Last year he never got on track, being hampered with nagging injuries for most of the year. This year he appears to be getting on track. Brown still has a potentially bright future. It's all about how he is used, how much the Colts commit to him, and whether or not he can stay healthy. RB is NOT a Colts' weakness.

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CJ- 10 games, 275 touches, 1761yds, 11TDs

DB- 38 games, 365 touches, 1796yds, 10TDs

How is that NOT a bust??!?!? Brown can finish with 200yds a game for the rest of the season and he STILL would not justify his selection. But once again the "Dwight Freeney Syndrome" sets in. Colts fans see a good game, and suddenly all the previous horrible plays are absolved. Its ridiculous.

If Brown finishes the season with 200 yds per game, then his selection will begin to look justified.

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Dwight Freeney IS one of the best players at his position this last decade. Anyone who would think twice about that has to be brain-dead. But im not saying hes top 5 NOW, but the last 10 years hes been one of the best in the biz.

I'd say Freeney has a realistic shot at making the HOF. He is and has been a premier pass rusher for a whole lot of years.

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If Brown finishes the season with 200 yds per game, then his selection will begin to look justified.

I'm guessing you mean over the last two games. Not 200 yards per game for the season.

I don't even want to think about the math on what he'd need over the last two games to get up to that average.

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The Colts base set is 3 WR and Dallas...with Addai blocking...agreed

But they ran a lot of 5-wide in in the last few seasons...especially in the SuperBowl year when they had a better line..

I dont think you can say that what somebody is at this moment is what they'll always be..

Fans make that mistake way too often...

Folks wanted Donald Brown arrested 8 weeks ago and now they admit we can actually allow jhim on the field some..

'Vanilla' is probably the correct term for the Colts attack with manning because the whole playbook is available (accroding to personell) at the line/

. Without Manning...its probably 'vanilla baby food'..we are limited by very basic (I formation, no motion) sets...

But the point is: Brown was never going to be a big gainer with the line we've had the last few years and manning throwing a NFL record number of times..out of 4 and 5 receiver sets.

Did you ever see Manning with a 2-back set?

You probably can tell I'm a little biased towards Brown but I just see a quick back, perfect for our indoor speedy game who almost never fumbles.

I think he can be a 1,000-yard runner...but that base set I referred to..with no lead blocker like Baltimore has..

..is always going to limit what he does.

I dont want to change our ways while Manning plays..but it is what it is.

You'll get no argument from me over Donald Brown. He has been beastin of late. But we'll just agree to disagree regarding Gonzo. If he proves you right then I will gladly give you your props Unc. LOL

Point taken on the 5 receiver sets. That last Super Bowl season seems like a distant blur to me right now though. It's been a looong 2 years.

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