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We've discussed pagano saying he was unaware of Grigson notifying the league and it's easier to think that he wasn't telling the truth than try to figure out how that could be. I thought that the players and Pagano wanted to distance themselves from the process as they seemed to feel that the score was so bad that it was best to take that stance.

Wait a minute .

The only way to tell that the Patriots used deflated balls in November was for players to report it.

You're telling me that Pagano somehow never heard about this ?

If this is true, that says volumes about Pagano.

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A warning in this thread was given a little earlier, and disregarded.  As of now , this topic is locked, and all threads concerning deflategate will be deleted until the mod team goes over the numerous posts removed and determines the best course of action(s) to take on members and future threads on this subject. But it is clear this thread has no further useful purpose, just a sandbox of festering hostility between Colts and Patriots fans.  Closed.

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