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  1. It's a bad look...reeks of an NBA move where superstar players basically get to dictate where they play. But I don't know what the league can do about it. The reality of the situation is that AB had a $30M guaranteed contract on Friday and now he only has a $9M guaranteed contract...he essentially "paid" $21M to become a free agent and sign anywhere. Does he have a good chance of breaking even or doing better on the deal? Sure. He also has the risk of blowing out a knee and never seeing another dollar, in which case this move will have cost him a TON of money. As for whether he knew the Pats would sign him before he pulled this stunt...I'm sure he had a good idea given that they offered a first round pick for him last year. But as for "tampering" I dunno...the fact is, whether it was the Pats or not, SOMEBODY was going to sign AB once Oakland released him. So it's not like he pulled this stunt thinking there was any chance he'd hit the unemployment line. If it hadn't of been the Pats, it would have been KC or any one of a dozen teams who would have stepped in with similar contracts. He's too big a talent to go unclaimed. Heck...I'm wondering if part of the Pats motivation to sign him was to keep him away from KC.
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