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  1. It's a bad look...reeks of an NBA move where superstar players basically get to dictate where they play. But I don't know what the league can do about it. The reality of the situation is that AB had a $30M guaranteed contract on Friday and now he only has a $9M guaranteed contract...he essentially "paid" $21M to become a free agent and sign anywhere. Does he have a good chance of breaking even or doing better on the deal? Sure. He also has the risk of blowing out a knee and never seeing another dollar, in which case this move will have cost him a TON of money. As for whether he kne
  2. I think if you told Pats fans ahead of time that they would trade Garapollo and Cooks and that they would get a mid 1st and a high 2nd in return, they would have been ok with that.
  3. The only team that seems to have routine success against the Pats is the Dolphins (in Miami), but I don't think too many Pats fans view them as a "rival"...probably because those games never seem to mean much for either team when all is said and done. The Pats still end up with a bye and the Dolphins are usually out of the playoffs.
  4. Malcolm Butler was on the 'deflategate' team. Malcolm Butler just got humiliated by Bill on National TV and will be on another team in a few months. What a great way for him to get even, right? He could spill the whole story of deflategate...if there is a story to tell, that is.
  5. 505 yards, 3 TD's, no interceptions, 33 points...37 if you include the botched extra point and the botched field goal. I'd keep the champagne corked for a bit on this prediction
  6. None of us know his motivation. It was being reported days ago that this wasn't a done deal, meaning he must have had some sort of reservations. How do we know that his reservations weren't with the ownership/management and maybe he took the premature announcement of his hiring before the contract was signed as an unprofessional move by the Colts that scared him off?
  7. Oh I think it was a totally D-move...I'm just saying that there's not going to be any compensation if there wasn't a signed contract.
  8. It doesn't hurt to ask...but if you separate the 2 teams involved here ( I understand that's difficult) and just view it as an issue between 2 NFC teams, you are left with an assistant coach who entertained a head coaching offer, waffled on it, then said no and returned to the job he already had. I've done this myself in life...I went through 3 interviews and got a job offer from a company, then my existing company which I really enjoyed, stepped up and made me an offer I couldn't refuse...so I said no to the other company. I felt badly about it, but ultimately I made the right call for me and
  9. So first off, I don't disagree that this is a pretty bad look for McDaniels, and if I were a Colts fan I would be as angry as everyone here is. But again I will say it...what is the harm? No team is guaranteed that the person they want to hire for a job will accept that job. The fact that he agreed verbally to the terms the Colts presented him and then changed his mind is really irrelevant. People are allowed to do this, regardless of the negative ramifications on the other party. The only thing they AREN'T allowed to do is reneg on a legal contract. So where is the "irreparable harm" that nee
  10. The Belichick contract situation with the Jets was much different in that he actually WAS under contract with the Jets as an assistant when the Pats hired him. Now any assistant coach has the right to take a head coaching job without compensation (for obvious reasons), however the Jets had a legal argument because it was specified in Bill's contract as an assistant that he would automatically become the Jets head coach if/when Parcells stepped down. So when Parcells decided to step down and take a front office job, the Jets contended that Bill B. became their head coach and were therefore enti
  11. There is zero chance the league will award compensation because a guy not under contract decided not to take a job.
  12. I didn't make any moral judgments one way or the other. I'm just saying that if he didn't sign a contract, then there's not going to be any compensation.
  13. If he signed a contract, the Colts should get compensation. And as a Pats fan, I'd be PO'd that they signed him knowing they would have to give up picks. I just have a feeling there was no contract here. But we'll see.
  14. On the basis of what? If he didn't sign a contract, he's free to do what he pleases.
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