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  1. Did you disregard the whole second half of my post.  We don't care if they benefited or not.  Its the fact that they did it at all is the issue.

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    2. Narcosys


      I don't know, I cant find the personal message, I thought this was it lol. It says leave a message, so I did.

    3. amfootball


      Did you just sent to me or others? I wonder if it is the same as PM or different.


      I respect your opinion and was not trying to bring up DG but just sharing the data given many, many here wanted to see if Brady's performance or the team's fumbles would be affected. I was just posting the data that emphatically says it was not. I did not create a separate thread because I did not want to rehash DG but just give the update on a Brady related thread ...

    4. amfootball


      To be fair, Brady seemed to have a pretty good deep ball this season (I don't have the stats just going off the eye test) as compared to other seasons and a football that has more air in it is easier to throw further with more velocity. He was throwing more deep balls because Edelman was out half the season but IMO his deep ball seemed much better.

  2. Why in the world did BB elect to kick the ball. There is no way he could ever justify that decision to anyway that understands odds. Trying to be smarter than everybody else ?

    1. Jules


      I didn't see it, but didn't BB kick it away a year or two ago vs. Denver in OT in NE since they wanted Peyton to throw against the heavy winds in that game? And they won that game. I think it's hit or miss. But, in OT I think you kinda have to take the ball. Again though, I didn't see this game really but I keep hearing about it.


    2. amfootball


      I didn't have much of an issue with it. He did the same vs Denver two years ago and kicked to Peyton and we won the game. Bill felt his defense was playing better which it was as the offense had only mustered any momentum the final drive to tie. It should have worked out as the Pats had a third down but they called a bogus PI on Butler to extend the drive. Then the next play the Jets ran a pick play that was not called and it went for a big gain. A real bummer and I would have liked to see Brady get the ball but I understand the decision and don't really disagree with it.

    3. Synthetic


      If his plan had worked, everyone would be calling him a genius right now. It's always 50/50 with big situation decisions like this. I'm going to stick up for BB here, because plenty of times, Sean Payton's trick plays have backfired on us. It could have worked, but it's always a 50/50 chance of it backfiring. 

  3. More snow. Yeah! /sarcasm

    1. HungarianColtsFan
    2. southwest1


      WI got nailed with it last year. Boston can experience the joy this year AMF. Woo Hoo! Just Kidding!

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