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  1. LOL. Yep. That is the thinking.
  2. It has not been confirmed that he OD'd just that he needed medical attention. He drove himself to the police station where he was taken to the hospital and was released shortly after and at practice the next day. Speculation is weed at this point by Boston media anyways ...
  3. Perhaps you missed this sentence in my post: Turns out it didn't but Brady got his own vindication in court and did not serve a game this season and may never serve it pending the second circuit. Also, you missed my main point. I don't care about DG or whether Brady ever serves the 4 games or not. Winning that SB and getting that 4th ring was all that mattered to cap this historic run. Maybe they add to it this post season. I don't know but they have done everything I could have ever hoped for and more.
  4. You will find this amusing. Back in 2000 Kraft petitioned the city of South Boston to build the new Pats stadium. The politicians in Southie said not because they did not want the tailgating which is ironic given Southie is a town that likes its bars if you know what I mean. Kraft ended up staying in Foxboro and financed the stadium himself and of course went on to win 4 SBs and pour a boat load of money into Foxboro in the process. I always think how those Southie politicians much kick themselves hard every time football season starts. lol.
  5. He is playing. He has practiced this week. Nothing has been confirmed about what he did or did not take but most believe it was weed putting him in the NFL drug substance abuse program.
  6. Yep. And that can be the tough part as fans sometimes. There are some Pats fans that just can't forgive Kraft for not fighting for the picks and all. I don't begrudge them their feelings but in the end it is just football. Entertainment. No one is dying. The Pats will move on just fine even without the number one pick. Kraft did all he could do to support Brady and really thought he was helping him by standing down. Turns out it didn't but Brady got his own vindication in court and did not serve a game this season and may never serve it pending the second circuit. Then on top, we got this great season from the team and Brady so hard to really be that mad anymore. I hope they can make some hay in January but if not I am pretty content with that fourth ring. They have done everything I could have ever hoped they would do the last 15+ years.
  7. I think Kraft and Goodell are fine. Kraft seem to blame more of the league lawyers than Goodell thru the whole thing. I also think he understands the other 31 business owners, his partners were not on his side either. So what are you going to do? He has a lot of prominent positions with the league that he did not want to sacrifice so I don't blame him. In the end as fans, we all understand the owners are about the money. I love Kraft and all that he has done for our city and team but DG was just a hot mess with no easy solutions IMO.
  8. Yeah, pretty sweet. But not as sweet as Roger handing the trophy to Bill and Brady! And then the SB MVP trophy to Brady the next day. Have both on DVD and watch over and over still.
  9. Yes they do. No, I can't imagine it. I think if it did happen, another team would have moved in. Similar to what happened in Baltimore. Boston is such a sports town through and through.
  10. Bad weather always favors offense for both teams. Right now it is calling for all rain but we have to wait to see what happens with this storm as it could shift and be snow. Will know more by the end of the week. Conditions could be very similar to the Pats/Colts champ game last year.
  11. Best run of my life Crow! Hope it continues on Saturday. I have wiped the Kiam years from my memory. lol.
  12. Oh yes, I know it well. My husband and I were just talking about it this morning when we heard St. Louis was losing their team. Thank goodness for Kraft and him buying the team and putting together this historic run. I just can't imagine NE/Boston without the Pats.
  13. Oh I think we all know you are on the Pats board. At least I post on this board unlike you who just trolls the Pats board but is too scared to ever post.
  14. So St. Louis no longer has a team? Bummer. With all these potential moves, the NFL will have to do some division realigning.
  15. You should see the other guy. And the Pats obsession continues. I love it!
  16. The East was strong this year. The only team that truly disappointed was Miami. I am interested to see what off-seasons moves each team makes in the off-season.
  17. Ok, gotcha. Feel free to PM and we can discuss further privately. I would prefer to keep to Ben and the drama I was referring to regarding injuries as that is what the pertinent topic is related to Ben per my original post. And I in no way said that Ben was the only one as I compared him to Favre in this regard. But again don't want to derail down other avenues and get off topic. Happy to discuss over PM.
  18. Thread was about Ben. Please do not derail the topic or call out posters.
  19. I never said I watched the Vikings. I was commenting on the playoff game which I did watch. You were limited by personnel and the match up with Seattle and it being below zero did not help either. I though overall the game was managed perfectly by Minny even with APs fumble. The last drive was brilliant but foiled by the kicker. Playoff games often come to just a play or two. Minny played great verse the Packers. Limited their offense much better and made enough plays to win. I think Seattle would have won more easily if the game was not below zero. Both offenses were not able to do much through the air because of it. All and all though a tremendous season from the Vikes. As I have told you before, I like Teddy a lot. He has the IT factor. Once he learns to get rid of the ball quicker and not take the sacks he will be on the same level as Wilson and Cam IMO.
  20. Minny had done enough to win the game. The last drive was beautiful. Right to the 10. And then the kicker ... sigh.
  21. Exactly. They are all playing. Injuries will be played up all week and then if they win, it will be the warriors have somehow beaten all odds and beat the top seed. If they lose, blame the injuries. It is the Steeler way.
  22. Right. Just like he had that busted up ankle and was the back up and only to be called upon and went and led a blow out win. Then Saturday he is carted off for a shoulder injury only to return and not play until the last drive where he led the game winner. He is the very definition of drama king. He will wince every throw and do wind mills to try to stretch it out to make sure everyone knows he is the warrior and toughest QB in the game but he will play fine. Similar to Favre who also played well when injured but enjoyed the drama ...
  23. I think your personnel is limited on the offensive side which is why Norv's play calling can seem vanilla. Also Teddy takes a lot of sacks so Norv is more for positive gains then negative downs. Maybe this off-season you get more play makers for Teddy.
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