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...I wasn't trolling with that thread. I was merely pointing out to those who continue to hold up the Pats as a model organization (and there are LOTS of Colts fans who do so as well as media bootlickers) that for all their greatness, they've gone 3 straight years without a playoff win, so their wisdom means squat until they fix that. The Colts have not gone 3 straight years without a playoff win since 2000-2002.

So at the very least, I wish fans would ride the coattails of teams who have actually had recent success.

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Yeah, so you were calling out the Patriots which will cause their fans to respond and that will cause Colts fans to respond in a cycle that goes nowhere and does nothing for the board. If you want to discuss something like this, PM me personally. Don't make a new thread for it

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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    • I mean... Just from personal experience: it's really, really easy to get hooked on that crap. I nearly fell into that path after my tonsillectomy... My family has a long history of addiction, so it's always in the back of my head to be extra careful.  
    • Personally, I think Dak is going to end up going the Kirk Cousins route and will end up being franchised twice before signing with another team in 2022. With the Mahomes deal, the bar was raised even higher for QB's. And even though Dak is not going to get Mahomes money he is is probably going to get between 37-40 million a year. Will the Colts be willing to pay that? I don't know, but I do believe that Dak will play this season and next under the franchise tag before moving onto greener pastures.
    • Texans traded for and gave Tunsil a 3 year extension to his rookie contract. I see them doing something similar to Watson after this year.  Thus Watson would play 5th year option in 2021 at $17.5 million, then get 3 years added at 31+ mil per season, with much (if not all) guaranteed, taking him through 2024.  This circumvents using franchise tags that would keep the UFA on the roster, but maybe sow derision as well.     Texans were improving as a group, notably toward the end of last year, and then added Tunsil.  Max Scharping at left guard and Tytus Howard at right tackle are no longer rookies. That group won't chase Watson away.     Never say never, but this more a dream then reality. Coaches that give up on franchise QB's get kicked to the curb. Even BoB knows this.
    • Also, has it ever occurred to folks that he may have played hurt last year?  He took some vicious hits against Packers and didn’t look the same afterward. You’ll never know if Rivers is injured because he’ll play through everything including a torn ACL. And he will NEVER make excuses.    With a great backup in Jacoby I hope he doesn’t feel the need to play hero. 
    • I get the weird feeling some folks would love to see Philip Rivers fail so that they can gloat they were right. I for one am optimistic. Gotta roll with who we have and win games, that is all that matters!!!
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