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Let's Play A Game: The Game Is Called "who Am I?"


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"Who am I?"

I am an NFL team.

I have a probable hall-of-fame coach

I have a probable first-ballot hall-of-fame QB who has been called the best QB of all-time

I am consistently praised both in the media and by opposing teams' fans for stockpiling draft picks, getting rid of players when they are no longer valuable to my team, consistently replacing veterans with effective young players etc.

My offense AND defense consistently rank in the top 5 or top 10 year after year after year

Now here's the surprising part:

I HAVE NOT WON ONE SINGLE PLAYOFF GAME IN THE LAST 3 STRAIGHT SEASONS. NOT ONE. Yet I am consistently held up as the model franchise by the media and opposing teams' fans, i.e. "This is why X is so much better than my team, I wish my team would be more like team X."

That's right - I have somehow managed to convince everyone that they should run their team like mine without one single playoff win in 3 seasons.



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