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  1. My honest perspective as a Pats fan- Given that other big names are involved this is likely an enterprise that is known to wealthy parties, meaning that in my estimation Kraft is aware of the human trafficking component. Rings like these exist to shield powerful people from the risk of seeking out prostitutes on the street level with more visibility. They’ll probably find emails or other compromising communication. Definitely disappointing as a fan. I work to combat these kinds of issues so this one hits close to home and really Saints my view of Kraft, unfortunately.
  2. Classy comments, lol. Congrats to the Giants and their fans. I knew we had our work cut out for us. Just wish they didn't always beat us in heartaching, last second fashion, lol. Probably takes Brady's case for GOAT off the table, but I thought he played tough out there. Not the deer in the headlights look like he had in SB 42. Tough, but those are the breaks. Still no one I'd rather have though. I thought we had no hope this year, and he took us to 13-3 and to the Super Bowl. A lot of little things, but I think they offset. People will point to the drops, especially Welker's...but I think we got away with that one P.I. If those plays go down as they should have, they're both points and probably offset, so it's a moot point. We just got beat by a better team.
  3. Anyone that would begrudge Tom for losing this Super Bowl are haters who wouldn't give him credit no matter what happened. Tom carried a terrible defense to a number one seed and somehow made it to the Super Bowl. The latest SC poll showed that every state favors the Giants, as they should. The Giants are a terrible matchup for the Pats, and if the Pats manage to defeat a superior team, it'll just be icing on the cake for Brady. Manning went 3TD, 7INT during his superbowl run and relied on his defense heavily during the playoffs. Does it take away from his legacy that he hasn't won without a great defensive postseason run? I certainly don't think so. There are a lot more factors to consider when judging a QB. I expect the giants to beat us, but if we pull the upset I'll be happy to be wrong.
  4. Picking against the Patriots again? What a shocker! We stand a good chance of losing, but after you've been wrong so many times throughout the season, one would think a little humility might sink...and you may give us the benefit of the doubt for once. Oh well.
  5. And so it ends. Tebow hype train derailed, hopefully for good.
  6. Tebow time isn't on the itinerary today. ;)
  7. Of course, whenever we win it's because the other team is giving the game away. We'd be 0-13 without all our luck. Feels bad man.
  8. To answer your question, I'm hoping we blow you out of the water, and I'm really excited about the game in spite of Peyton being out. I see the Patriots getting picked to be upset virtually every week in the predictions thread, and I think this will be a good week to get out my frustrations as pertains to those posters who always pick against us in such petty fashion. That's my honest opinion. I hope no one on your team gets hurt (though I expect to hear some posters on here urge players to shoot at Brady's knee if the score gets ugly), but I do want to send a message. It's a football game and anything can happen though. Records mean nothing, and I still remember losing to the lowly Dolphins in the last week of the 2004-2005 season.
  9. Until next week guys. 6-3, cupcake schedule the rest of the way. Playoffs may be in sight after all.
  10. Insane pocket awareness by Brady. Never took his eyes from downfield and still avoided 3 sacks. Too bad it didn't stand.
  11. Nice troll thread. 8/10 in my opinion: -5 points for lack of subtlety. +3 points for making me laugh, given the irony of colts fans talking about playoff failures. Keep up the good work.
  12. Says a lot about how good our team is when them losing is enough to warrant a thread about it. Things must be slow in Indy with the Colts struggling and all. Props to Eli. he came up big when he needed to. I'm upset that the D blew the lead, but it's to be expected. No playmakers on the D at all, thanks to BB's drafting. This defensive "genius"' is quickly becoming overrated.
  13. Lol, Brady hands the D a lead and they blow it. Super Bowl XLII all over again. What a joke.
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