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Will A Year Off Impact Peyton's Performance Next Year?

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do you mean his all-pro, laser rocket arm, great defense reading, audible making, in-game "coach" approach to the game? Unless he has major setbacks,

NO, I do not think it will. He practices all the time, in-season and out of season. Surgery doesn't effect how he is a student of the game and is constantly watching tape and exploiting weaknesses in defenses.

As for his delivery, he will obviously work on that as well. I'm not expecting him to breakdown like Tiger has in the world of Golf.

What will effect his performance more is if they put together a team that is better than the 2011 Colts, especially that Tampa 2 (I know we are tired of that topic)

How about the Polians help this guy out and get some "new" talent around him.

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If he can return, I doubt he will be anywhere close to as great as he was. It saddens me to say, but I think the Manning era is over.

Obviously the OP didnt want your opinion on "If" he will return. Put in some reasons why you think it is over. Your answer has no supporting arguments.

Give us a real answer on how he will peform in 2012, not that he will not at all

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I just want to hear he has regained strenght in the tri-cep, if I hear that I have no worries, until then I about 90% sure he will be the same man

I agree with agent...

He did not have arm surgery and this is the first time he's not thrown a football for an extended length of time...

the time off helps his knees and elbow late in his career...

If he regains strength to duplicate his throwing motion..He should be as good as he was...or better

I dont think we have to worry about his desire to play....and watching may actually help his total understand of all of his teammates..which was always big with him...

I'm being optimistic but I think he's coming back in December and he could be better than he was in 2010....

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I would like to see him get a little game time in this year but ONLY if he is truly healthy and ready. I think he may be a bit rusty for the first few games and would like to see him getting more than normal reps in pre season not full games but more reps than normal with the starters to help them all readjust with each other.

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Physically I feel it might take him a while to shake off the rust, assuming he does shake off that rust. However, he is the most intelligent player in the league. That alone will make him better than half of the QBs in the league. He may play like a shadow of his former self. Only time will tell. His brain will still be a big factor, and, the last time I checked, that is still in tact.

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One of Manning's biggest assets is his reading of defenses/preparation. That's mental. You don't need to physically exercise to read a defense and exploit it or to watch game film or any of that. I think Manning will be fine. I read an article from a doctor who said that the procedure he has usually leaves the patient with no pain afterwards. If Peyton has been playing through the neck pain all these years, imagine what he will be able to do when he is pain free. He just needs a full offseason (which he will get this year) to get his timing back with the offense.

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With time, he will get it back. His mind will be the same, and you can bet he's been studying.

Brett Favre tore things in his throwing arm from his shoulder to his wrist. He even played through it. Then he came back, at age 40, to have the best statistical season of his career and was an awkward game of officiating from landing in the Super Bowl against us.

That's a guy who doesn't like to practice or attend OTA's, and doesn't spend a lot of time in the weight room.

Manning was suffering a loss of strength in his throwing triceps due to nerve damage, a condition in which this surgery will have eliminated. Not only that, but he's a ridiculously hard worker and ENJOYS the off-season stuff.

I fully expect him to be ready for next season. Guys have recovered from worse.

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If the nerve regenerates I expect him be fine. Any rust should be scrapped off during training camp. Peyton's greatest weapon has always been his mind, so actually I expect him to play out his contract and then some. He is the one QB who could continue to be exceptional even if he is somewhat physically diminished.

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Title says it all. Discuss.

Do you want facts or opinion?

Fact is nobody knows what Manning's recovery and ability will be like until he reaches MMI.

Opinion is everything else.

When he does reach MMI he'll have to make an informed decision which direction to go while keeping his family, career, risk/reward, and quality of life in mind. Vertebrae fusion surgeries are a lot different than an arm or leg injury, of course. If his decision tree leads him to play again, I'm sure the probability of high performance level would be good given his desire and work ethic. I believe (opinion) it will be close to an all or nothing proposition under the circumstances.

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I find threads difficult to even read where I see:

- peform

- strenght

- tri-cep

- readjust

But, moving on ....

Clearly, a year off will have an adverse affect on any athlete's performance - rust, etc, ... though Peyton will minimize that to the extent that any human being can,

but, as importantly, Manning will be a year older, 'n' neck surgeries....

So -- OF COURSE a year off after surgery will affect his performance. I can't believe a rational thinking person would say otherwise.


I do enjoy the pom-pom responses, but there is NO way that Peyton is the same or better. And, that's assuming that he's even able or willing to come back given (1) neck, (2) GM/coach/owner building a good team, (2) O-line protecting said neck. I do believe that he will be back since he wants another SB, but IMVHO he does NOT have a team and management that can get him one.

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I think one thing you have to watch for is the arm strength. Surgery on the spine and nerves can really affect your strength so yeah the mental part will all be there, but is he going to be able to get the ball where it needs to be. Here's one example. Last year against New England the final interception that he threw, I firmly believe that it was because of whatever was bothering him that required him to wear the sleeve that he had. He thought he had the arm strength to chuck it down field to Garcon but it came up short. Is that something you're going to see a lot of? I think that's really the biggest question. Accuracy is muscle memory and he isn't required to run. So if he can get the strength back in his arm he'll be golden. And the fear of the big hits also.

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