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  1. The timing is unfortunate however i see it as if there is a lot of hints that Irsay is ready to move on and Peyton is a top world athlete that wants to play for the colts more than anything. He may see it as IF he gets cut did he do everything in his power to try to show Irsay and whoever else that he does not want retire or be let go to free agent. So if i were him i would do whatever i felt was best for myself/family interest. But yes the timing of it all couldn't be worse for it all.
  2. Split the reps the best we can to keep both of them fresh.
  3. My dad owns the NFL how do you think i keep that clipboard job for so long?
  4. As much as i would love to see change. From everything ive seen so far from the colts there will be no real change from this and it makes me sad. I know we want to be loyal and nice and all that but there needs to be a better balance of that with BUSINESS. Fud
  5. I would like to see him get a little game time in this year but ONLY if he is truly healthy and ready. I think he may be a bit rusty for the first few games and would like to see him getting more than normal reps in pre season not full games but more reps than normal with the starters to help them all readjust with each other.
  6. Meat cutter? Doctor ? (with lots of dirt) Professional commercial actor? lol I think he may do the sports commentator thing for a few years then go into coaching. I do hope he stays with us in some way though.
  7. Good luck buddy and not just because your a great football player but because your a great guy.
  8. I agree for the most part. Give him at least 2-3 real games to adjust he has shown he has the skills just has to get the feel for this team. It wouldnt take long of Painter being out there for all of you to be yelling for them to put Collins in.
  9. Ya i would guess that it was the best overall option for him with the rest of his life in mind.
  10. I tel you what Collins has a heck of an arm on him as you seen by the first pass he threw. I think we have more of a chance than people want to think to do very well this year.
  11. Ya i got Manning in all 3 of my drafts and i picked him up in 1st or 2nd rounds. Sigh my luck
  12. I agree good for him. We need to stop with politics and mental games and focus on who has more natural talent. These guys come out here for preseason and play better then a lot of the guys who make it on the team. What does this tell other players that come to tryouts for us? It tells them we may just be wasting their time. And our team does not get any benefit from it at all. I hope we actually make these guys worry and TRY to keep their roster spots by having a real tryout camp.
  13. I am a colts fan no matter who is at each position so all i have to say is GO COLTS! Peyton get healthy bud i know you will be around this organization far after your playing career is over.
  14. He has made more than one "bad call" and lied to us when he took the position he said he was not like coach Dungy and was going to show emotion. WHERE? WHERE is this emotion he spoke of? Honestly thats all i want from the guy is to get mad when players mess up and get happy and show it when they do good.
  15. I dont think Gonzo wants to be here. period.
  16. thats so funny. I had never seen that. We never get good praises or respect from the press. I dont see how they dont see we are not a preseason or practice team when the game is real we step up i dont know why or how but we do. Would i like to see it in preseason? heck ya but as long as we got it when it counts thats all that matters. And i think the negativity just drives Manning and the rest of the team to prove them wrong so keep it up!
  17. Im glad someone posted about this during last few games it seems like he just is not even trying. It looks like is giving 40-50% effort. Im sorry but some fires need lit and that is just one of many our team needs to make Manning's last years here the best possible.
  18. I do specifically remember him saying he is not as calm and mild mannered as coach Dungy and you can expect some more emotions from him when he first took position. So maybe he will run for president next year. Fud
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