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  1. Please, half the sports world took it that way. Including level headed Dungy and others. We had every right to view it that way.
  2. He shouldn't have to clarify comments when your President/CEO/Owner, it should be clear the first time. I think he should just have the title of "owner" myself. But that's for another day.
  3. LoL, That depends on if he only repented because of the backlash from vocal Colt Fans. Was it a misinterpretation or regret? Maybe he shouldn't put himself in that situation to receive backlash.
  4. I'm glad that Mr. Irsay repented on his comments. If he intended it to say it that way in the first place, then maybe he should choose words better in the first place. Guys, I'm rooting for the Colts, but I can't accept negative comments about Manning. Manning is the Jordan of football. Bulls fans still loved Jordan after he left.
  5. this whole thing is over now, you can close this thread
  6. We are mad because Irsay takes "ZERO" of the blame in those comments. He should've said, I didn't support the best QB in History properly. But remember, with alcoholics, it is never their fault.....ever.
  7. You think losing in the playoffs was all Peyton's fault then?
  8. This has nothing to do with the week, and everything to do with an owner who unfortunately owns the Colts and wants to be Jerry Jones.
  9. LOL, nice insult. I'm thinking you didn't get the point. Please re-read or expain how only 1 superbowl is Peyton's fault.
  10. You should be glad when Irsay deletes his Twitter account and blames himself for the lack of SuperBowl Wins and not just one player. So much for "the buck stops here" with Mr. Irsay. He'll just throw anyone under the bus, including the one man who made his life relevant. Without Peyton, Irsay's beloved Twitter Account would have 1/3 the followers.
  11. Your comment doesn't even make sense. Your saying it is a negative to have the best QB of all time on your team. That is exactly what you are Mr. Irsay are saying. If you say its because of money, then you'll end up hating Luck as well because if he becomes the player he should then he'll get a big contract too. Then you'll want to dump him for a "total team". TFunky, you are the first person in history to think that having Manning on a team is a bad thing.
  12. so how is that Peyton's Fault? he doesn't play defense to....DUH
  13. This guy is a joke to Indiana. Peyton made football relevant in Indiana. Irsay is a rich boy's son who never worked a hard day in his life. I'm thinking he started to hit the bottle pretty hard again, actually that would be a good excuse for his comments. Funny, he mentioned all those other teams with multiple SuperBowl wins. They all had a DEFENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Irsay and Polian failed to put a full team together each season, Peyton put those crappy Colts teams on his back year after year.
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