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  1. Yeah he was paid a 100 mil to play for the colts but probably made the colts more than 800 million in revenue and is the reason the Colts have a brand new 700 million dollar stadium. You can ask any analyst and anyone who follows football, Peyton Manning was bigger than the Colts
  2. This has nothing to do with Isray. Peyton saved a franchise and EVERY indianapolis colts fan should be grateful. Everyone who was made to look good by Peyton should be thankful. And everyone who reaped the benefits of his presence should be thankful. They owe him everything.
  3. Of course he had something to do with it. He got all the benefits of mooching off of Peyton
  4. Colts fans owe EVERYTHING to Peyton Manning. The team isn't in Indianapolis with a brand new stadium hosting a Super Bowl and even relevant if Peyton never came to the Colts. This will be the only case in NFL history the a single player was bigger than the team he was on.
  5. I don't think money is high motivation. For years he played underpaid (yeah I know I said it) and even offered to take less money but because of the whole CBA thing this past summer he had to take more money to help leverage for the players side of the battle with the owners. The one thing that he's looking at is can he win anymore with the colts in their new direction, and also, is he going to get pushed out by Luck who seems like he's ready to play now. I think to assume that this is about the 28 million is the wrong way to think of this whole situation. But I think it should be recogniz
  6. SIAP. But I came across this on ESPN and thought it was a pretty good article. No matter who the next great quarterback is going to be for Indianapolis, he's never going have the same positive effect on the city than Peyton. http://espn.go.com/nfl/playoffs/2011/story/_/id/7516484/super-bowl-2012-indianapolis-peyton-manning-awkward-place
  7. I know that Isray has already come out and said that he would draft the "Best Quarterback" with the first pick. But does anyone else think that he could be using this statement to possibly get more value off trading this pick or Luck? Think about it, it gives him leverage if some team calls him wanting to trade. If they don't give enough the Colts can simply say well "we were wanting to draft him anyway" and try to push for more. Obviously this is all based on the idea that Peyton is still healthy enough to play. And if he is, you're look at three maybe four players who can contribute it
  8. I think you still have an opportunity to win a Superbowl if you do things right. If you can trade the pick get multiple draft picks to help the defense and o-line, you could be really competitive this year. You already have a strong veteran presence, now it's time to get more talent in.
  9. Hopefully the Polians will be gone. Bill has gone to 6 superbowls and only won 1 and it's cause he had Peyton Manning...
  10. A team that can't win a single game with Peyton Manning and honestly, made everyone one of those players look better than they really are. Obviously he made the offensive players look good cause he's an amazing quarterback. But he also put the opposing teams in situations where they had to throw the ball. Let's be honest, Freeney and Mathis are only good at rushing the passer, when you put them up against a run game, they aren't even a factor. And stopping the run game is vital to winning a championship. Get Peyton out of Indianapolis he deserves better.
  11. The Colts are not a good football team. You see this now when Peyton's not here. In the playoffs, you can't just depend on one player to get you to the promise land it just doesn't work that way. It's a team game. If Peyton was with the Patroits he could've won at least 4 superbowls
  12. Especially if you use that first draft pick to pick the successor instead of someone who can contribute right away.
  13. i'd say 11-5, which wins the division. Deep playoff run but you don't get to the Super Bowl because of lack of defense. Peyton ALWAYS gives you a chance to win.
  14. Why not let Peyton go to a team who cares about championships doesn't have a mod edit general manager and a GM who only cares about making money off regular season wins and tweeting.
  15. I mean you understand why he's saying this. Bill Polian is as stubborn as it gets and he's just trying to defend the Caldwell hire. He's so full of himself that he's defending his poor choices to the death of the Colts
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