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  1. Even before this recent round of cuts, resonable folks knew the Colts wouldn't be contending for the division next year. We'll be picking in the top 10 again come April, 2013, which is fine and sets the team up nicely moving ahead. Again, the magnitude and reality of escaping our "cap heck" and flawed team structuring is here. It's no small thing to turn around the complex problems.
  2. It's not trigger happy. Every one of the cut players has/had issues with health and/or cap problems. If anything, folks should at least begin to see and understand the problems the team is digging itself out of.
  3. I'm fine and even extremely pleased for the most part with all five of these cuts within the context of their individual circumstances and overall team circumstance. The only one I have the slightest reservation about is Addai - but that's only because I thought he would have been a good 3rd down back because of his versatility, per many old conversations here.
  4. There's a lot of emotional posting going on right now and this is another example. The Colts are rebuilding and are most likely a couple of seasons away from putting a contending team together. I suspect most folks will come around sooner or later. And where some fall away........others will fill their spots. If Peyton Manning considers himself a Colt forever, why can't some fans with dissenting opinions on the decision tree do the same.
  5. ......all of the change including the Manning situation won't effect me as a long time Colt fan (since '74).
  6. Looking around the board at all of the new threads and comments.....there are quite a few unhappy folks. But if there was ever doubt, it should be clear from the press conference there was never any dark agenda in the Manning situation. I believe the years ahead will continue to show this to be the case. I think it should also now be clear why Jim Irsay and his new front office had to make so many tough decisions while moving ahead......and with more to come regarding veteran players. The speed and magnitude of the sweeping change has been proportionate to the team makeup/failings/declined
  7. Exactly. There's no way to know how the draft will be handled or even how much free agency may play in the thinking. It's a new world and we'll just have to see how this pans out. I've liked Luck's TE teammate though and thought this would be a great pickup, but I don't know to the extent that it means 1st & 2nd round offensive picks. On the other hand, if you have needs everywhere and he's your can't miss guy then he's your guy. We'll see how the new front office handles things. We desperately need secondary help though......and we had better get quality there one way or another - h
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHrj1qnSCVI
  9. And with him we would have what looks to be much needed vet leadership on the offensive side of the ball. If Manning, Reggie and Saturday are all gone.....who's left. A little off topic but this is why I see a scenario where the offense is ripe for a new QB under center. On defense, I like leadership from Freeney, Bethea, probably Angerer stepping up even more, and Mathis if we re-sign him. I suppose Brackett is still in the conversation too.
  10. Agree. This is a residual wish-lister from 2011 for me.
  11. Great names! I remember Howard Stevens, David Taylor & a buncha other players coming to our school way back when.....ate lunch with them. Their lunch platters loaded with about 15 burgers that looked like .50 cent pieces in their hands.
  12. That's awesome. Prolly.....Czonka & Griese, Warfield, for the Fins then that about right?
  13. I was livin' on the Severne River outside Balt. back in those days.....catchin' rockfish from the shore as a kid. Lots of great players back in those days. John Dutton, Don McCauley.......
  14. I believe that, too. There were some amazing win streaks with him & some insane ypc stats with Carr and Mitchell setting RB reception marks. Plus everything else. Awesome player.
  15. You ain't never lied. Lydell Mitchell was Marshall Faulk before Marshall Faulk was Marshall Faulk.
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