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  1. Dedicating and re-dedicating my life in several areas and will be less involved here. Hoping the best for everyone here in all things. Stay blessed.

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    2. everybodysgotone


      Thanks y'all...I'm not leavin', just spending less time on. Need to be active in church, I'm getting married, new season of work starting early spring. Didn't want anyone thinking I just bailed. Y'all do a great job here and I'll still come around.

    3. Coltssouth


      Congrats on tieing the knot. Live long and happy and we'll look for you when you have time. Miss you while you're gone, but thanks for letting us know so we wouldn't worry.

    4. Nadine



  2. Hi Melody....very laid back on a rainy Saturday. Ahhhhh. How's yer weekend so far?

  3. Hi :) Hope ur having a great weekend.

  4. I knew that long nap earlier today was a bad thing. Now I'm up at all hrs. + hungry.

  5. Should I jump on the sweet potato appreciation bandwagon going on here? I'm thinking yes.

  6. I love baked sweet potatoes n sweet potato pie. yummy...crap,now I'm, hungry. ;p lol

  7. ....then I'm sure she's got the fritter bases covered. Besides, everything tastes better when the capable hands of another does the cookin.

  8. OK, drooling now. Never had sweet potato fritters. Maybe I can entice my daughter into making these for me? She makes awesome sweet potato fries

  9. If the fritters are sweet potato I'm onboard!

  10. If the fritters are sweet potato I'm on board!

  11. Just stopping by to suggest that I think fritters may be better than doughnuts.........think about it : )

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