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  1. Not a huge loss, though I have tremendous respect for what he did last year. His value was motivation and leadership of the team, not especially just OC. I wasn't terribly impressed with O schemes - I think Pep will do better. And - huh??? What does Peyton have to do with this?
  2. Good post. I believe that you are spot on. I was getting ready to make a post about character, but now don't need to. Polian's recent statement doesn't surprise me in the slightest.
  3. Same here. I'll root for Peyton only if/when the Colts are eliminated.
  4. Pags said that several weeks ago.
  5. Yes they are. I did spend a year in China and do speak a bit of Mandarin, although "wo shou de bu hao" (I speak poorly). Peace!
  6. You posted in a foreign language. I posted in a different foreign language. Just having fun.
  7. It means "I think that I want to pierce a pencil in my eye" Still like?
  8. So Peyton winning a SB for the Broncos somehow becomes a win for the Colts??
  9. If we can't win a SB in any given year, why are you rooting against Peyton? I don't get that.
  10. Man - don't dig yourself into a deeper hole! Colts vs Broncos Superbowl?? They are both in the AFC so that will not happen. I respectfully suggest you lurk, listen and learn ....
  11. LOL! Can't believe that this was posted on a Colts board: 1. Peyton's contract to some degree restricted ability to build a stronger team 2. Peyton should have (and maybe was) been more vocal about building a better D 3. Peyton was always better in the regular season than post-season. 4. Peyton did not go to the right team if he wanted another ring Peyton is the #2 guy I will cheer for to get another ring, and he had yet another chance last year but he & the team could not close the deal.
  12. Fixed. Yes, I always appreciate enjoying what I paid for.
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